Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pre-Convention update

I've been going over rabbits one-by-one, and so far have only one scratch. One of my senior bucks is totally blowing his coat, but I'm not surprised, I have been deliberately pushing the limits with him. The other two are living up to my expectations, so they're a go. The does are doing well, too.

I also tattooed juniors today. I did Antje and Sunrise's litters, which were mostly bucks. Sunrise's litter surprised me, their bodies and wool texture exceeded my expectations! Antje's litter did not do quite so well, but I think this was in part due to my higher expectations of them. The bucks did pretty well over-all, the does somewhat less so. There is one buck I'll probably keep from Antje's litter, and another I'll sell only to someone who will show him. Both are just too nice not to hit the show tables. I had sold another equally nice little buck to a new breeder last week, as well as the only doe from Sunrise's litter. I can't wait to see how that breeding eventually turns out!

I'm starting to notice trends in my lines. They may not hold true, but so far I have noticed that some animals tend to produce better bucks, some tend to produce better does, and some seem to produce quality regardless of sex.

I also weighed Lear again today. 9 1/4 pounds at 6 months of age! And very few mats on him, plus he is sweet and cooperative as I clip his toenails or brush or shear him. And what rise he has, peaking exactly where it should, and bone to spare! I can't wait to breed him! I also learned recently that some friends of mine got a fuzzy French Lop of their own, I already have a request in for a doe from that litter. :)

Jan's Giants is expanding, besides moving in the near future, another breeder has decided to breed in cooperation with us, that rabbitry will concentrate on the German end of the breeding program, while Jan's Giants will concentrate on - (you guessed it) - Giants. :)

Which leads me to clarify a point that doesn't require clarification for most, but I will do so anyway for those who need it:

Jan's Giants has never, ever misrepresented any of its animals. We are PROUD of the use of purebred Germans in our program, and we have NEVER, EVER eliminated German breeder names from our pedigrees, or sold Germans as Giants, or vice-versa. Nor have we ever been in "big trouble" for doing so - WITH ANYONE. In fact, we use the German breed designation in our Evans Software (Register for Rabbits Deluxe) because it does not limit colors, as both German and Giants come in many colors.

If you have any questions regarding the above statement, feel free to contact the ARBA :

or the IAGARB:

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