Monday, September 17, 2007

Had another good day!

I took Verizon and Louisa to the Washington, PA show on Sunday. Much to my surprise, they both won their class, and Verizon won BOB and her first leg! She is the second rabbit I have bred that won against some serious competition, the first was her sire, JG's Stinker.

If her brother Sherman had not sprayed her, I think Verizon would have been a contender for BIS. She didn't look that bad out in the sunlight, but under the showroom lights, boy, did she ever look yellow. I bought plastic urine guard inserts at the show to line the divider between Verizon and Sherman's cage so Sherman can't do it again. Meanwhile, he is looking so bad I'm going to clip him down and may put him in isolation like I did his Dad. There's no way he'll ever look decent in this coat. But at least I can dye it once it's off him, lol!

I'll soon have breeding pairs of Germans available, some sired by Samson's Oscar, some sired by JG's Stinker. In particular I am looking forward to 4 babies from Stinker and Samson's Rosalin. Samson's Elizabeth is Rosalin's dam, and Stinker's granddam. Paired with babies from JG's Antje and Samson's Oscar, I think the combination will be simply awesome. Needless to say, I am keeping one such pair for myself. :) I also have some colored bucks availble in black and chestnut, sired by Stinker, all his colored does are spoken for already.

So, no more shows until Convention. After Convention, I plan to be at Rhinebeck. So, if you're interested in any babies, I can deliver to Grand Rapids, Michigan and Rhinebeck, NY in October.

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