Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two things

One, I had a great time tonight, I helped a new friend with an angora spinning demo for a knitting guild, and a good time was had by all. Louisa was a big hit!

Two, if I get yet another stupid email about Mars coming so close to the Earth that it looks like another Moon...


Do you realise just how severely the orbit of Mars would have to be affected for something like that to happen? Do you also realise the catastrophic effect such an event would have on our planet? It would make the fictitious accounts of global warming look like child's play.

Somebody please, get a grip on reality and quit forwarding this stupid story!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Janet, why don't you just threaten to send them one of those "Microsoft most dangerous virus' yet" and destroy their hard drive if they don't stop with the Mars stuff. :^) :^)

Anonymous said...

No,no WAIT!!!! How about threatening to have their kidneys removed and leave them in a bathtub full of ice!!! :^)