Saturday, August 04, 2007

Even more babies!

Louisa gave birth again on Monday, late, but not as late as last time, and eventually had a total of 7 babies. 3 didn't make it, but 4 are doing well - with Sunrise. I shaved Louisa's belly and tried for 4 days to get her to nurse them, but she refused. I could express milk from her, but the kits couldn't seem to pull much out of her. I kept them alive by also letting them nurse from Antje, who wasn't thrilled about it since she has 9 of her own. So I finally put them in with Sunrise, who has 7. Hers looked like fat little turtles anyway, she feeds them constantly. I don't know how she does it, she's just a little thing who could pass for an English, but she does. I take the biggest 4 out at night and put them in in a safe place so the smaller ones have a better chance of being fed well, and put them back in the morning. All 11 look great now, Louisa's babies are doing a good job of catching up. I don't think I will breed Louisa again. She loses a lot of blood when she gives birth. The first time I thought it was because the kits were a week late and huge, but she was only 2 days late this time, normal sized kits, and she was a mess, the cage was a mess, and she's not a good mom to boot. I usually give a doe 3 chances to prove themselves, but I think the poor girl has had enough. So, if anyone is looking for an excellent wooler, I'll let her go, without pedigree, at a very reasonable price if you can make it to western PA.

Meanwhile, it looks so far like Sunrise has 2 chestnuts, 3 tans, and 2 blacks in her litter. :)

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