Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More babies!

Well, good news and bad news. The bad news is we lost more of Louisa's babies. One day they'd be fine, the next, dead. No diarrhea or other symptoms that I could see, just dead babies. We're now down to one, she looks like a doe. I think I'm going to pull the plug on that bloodline. I hate to, there are some awesome bloodlines in that baby, including my beloved Billy, but I just have lousy luck with them. Hopefully, since this baby is spoken for by some dear friends, they'll have better luck with her.

The good news is that Rosalin and Stinker are the happy parents of a litter of 5! She did very well for a first-time mom, made the nest in the box, had all but one of the babies there (that one would be #6, who didn't make it), and is feeding them.

Assuming all goes well with this litter, I now have the potential for some really nice breeding pairs with Antje and Oscar's litter.

Meanwhile, the wait for cooler weather goes on. Every time I think I'm going to be able to stick the does and litters outside, we get weather in the high 80s. Hopefully this weekend will be the time to make the move.

This weekend is supposed to be relatively cool, so plans are to move some rabbits around, power wash cages, and get in some serious grooming in preparation for Convention.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two things

One, I had a great time tonight, I helped a new friend with an angora spinning demo for a knitting guild, and a good time was had by all. Louisa was a big hit!

Two, if I get yet another stupid email about Mars coming so close to the Earth that it looks like another Moon...


Do you realise just how severely the orbit of Mars would have to be affected for something like that to happen? Do you also realise the catastrophic effect such an event would have on our planet? It would make the fictitious accounts of global warming look like child's play.

Somebody please, get a grip on reality and quit forwarding this stupid story!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not much new...

Things are pretty quiet. Bunnies are growing, so is wool. I need to get grooming this weekend in prep for Convention. Verizon looks so nice, except for her ear that she likes to drop on occasion. I think Stinker and Antje will be my main focus. Sherman will come along, too, but he's getting into the "piggy" stage that some of my bucks like to go through during their adolescence. They're good breeders, though, I wonder if the pigginess is related to libido?

We lost another of Louisa's babies, the runt, now there are 3. They are going strong, though. I think the runt would have made it, too, if not for such a rough first week. Sunrise's own babies are gorgeous, too, and the Tan that I'm selling is spoken for already.

Lear looks awesome, his wool is dense and mat-free so far, and he's growing like a weed. I'm going to weigh everyone this weekend, but they sure look big. We're getting a break from the heat and everyone is eating like a horse.

Chloe looks like she has doubled in size already, lol! She is such a sweet dog, and is well-built, but most likely we will spay her soon, as we have a Springer male who is entire, and that just wouldn't be a good thing, lol. Those would be some ugly puppies!

I can't wait for my job to end. 5 more weeks, and then I'm free! A co-worker suggested a great party idea, I think we are going to have one big blow-out on Sept 21st!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This was kinda fun


The results I got were interesting, not entirely accurate IMO, but interesting.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Even more babies!

Louisa gave birth again on Monday, late, but not as late as last time, and eventually had a total of 7 babies. 3 didn't make it, but 4 are doing well - with Sunrise. I shaved Louisa's belly and tried for 4 days to get her to nurse them, but she refused. I could express milk from her, but the kits couldn't seem to pull much out of her. I kept them alive by also letting them nurse from Antje, who wasn't thrilled about it since she has 9 of her own. So I finally put them in with Sunrise, who has 7. Hers looked like fat little turtles anyway, she feeds them constantly. I don't know how she does it, she's just a little thing who could pass for an English, but she does. I take the biggest 4 out at night and put them in in a safe place so the smaller ones have a better chance of being fed well, and put them back in the morning. All 11 look great now, Louisa's babies are doing a good job of catching up. I don't think I will breed Louisa again. She loses a lot of blood when she gives birth. The first time I thought it was because the kits were a week late and huge, but she was only 2 days late this time, normal sized kits, and she was a mess, the cage was a mess, and she's not a good mom to boot. I usually give a doe 3 chances to prove themselves, but I think the poor girl has had enough. So, if anyone is looking for an excellent wooler, I'll let her go, without pedigree, at a very reasonable price if you can make it to western PA.

Meanwhile, it looks so far like Sunrise has 2 chestnuts, 3 tans, and 2 blacks in her litter. :)