Saturday, July 14, 2007

Baby update

Well, Antje only had the nine babies, I guess she was just a slow starter. Every day I take the two scrawniest one out and give them some quality nursing time with her. While doing so, I noticed she only has six teats. No wonder these two aren't doing better! A couple of the bigger ones seem four times bigger already. I have two does I hope will deliver tomorrow, if one of them has a small litter, I'll foster them to her. If not, I may see if I can farm these two scrawny ones out to a friend with a doe with a small litter.

I'm thinking I may have to make teat counts a priority in selecting keepers. I like big litters, so this is something I need to consider more.


Martha said...

Congratulations! I hope you can find a momma rabbit with a bit more space for the two little ones.

Jan said...

Thank you, Martha! The only German breeders I know of up that way are in VT, CT, and MA. Let me know if I can help youget in touch with any of them.