Sunday, July 22, 2007

Antje's babies

I figured it was time for an obligatory cute baby rabbit photo:

All nine are fit and healthy. The two littlest ones still are little, but I have not had to give them supplemental time with Mom past their first week, they are fending for themselves quite well. They're starting to sample hay and rabbit pellets, and are venturing out in the now hay-lined cage.

Speaking of hay, I just got a fresh supply. There are few scents better than fresh hay. This time of year, my supplier always has a nice mix of grass and legumes. Later in the year, he has mostly legume hay, which is ok for pregnant moms and moms with litters, but not so good for the rest of the herd. Hopefully when I move, I can find someone with a nice orchardgrass/clover mix available year-round. I've already started looking.

Stinker is getting clipped to the skin for IAGARB testing. I'd like to see if a rabbit of my own breeding can make it. Next will be Oscar.

I also recently became VP of UARC. I must say, this club has been active and is growing! As a club, we are still working out the best way to achieve our mission, but we have certainly made progress and I am very enthusiastic about our future! The member input about our goals, and how to achieve them is heartwarming, and I predict big things for this club!

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