Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shearing Party

Our little group had another successful shearing party today. It's a lot easier for new angora owners to do their first shearing if they have experienced people to show them how to restrain the bunns and give encouragement. My friends Carla and Mike came from the Cleveland area with their 2 littermates, Chester and Penny. I sheared Penny, then Carla and Mike sheared Chester. They got a kick out of how scrawney their bunnies looked after their first shearing, lol! I also got Nacht shorn and got started on Samson's Donna, one of my new Germans. Donna and Nacht are going to stay at Cheryl's for awhile, Nacht is going to sire a litter with Brat, and Donna is just going to hang out until I have the bunny barn built. Thank goodness for friends with empty cages!

Cheryl and Michelle also worked on wet felting, I was surprised how quickly a piece of soft, strong fabric can be made. I'm definitely going to pursue felting!

Meanwhile I put Antje in with Samson's Oscar a few days ago, I'm not sure the breeding was successful, but we'll know in 31 days or so... Oscar just needs some practice, lol!

I have 4 Giant Pumpkin plants in the ground, 2 here at home, and 2 at camp. We've been spreading bunny manure up there near the spring in preparation for this, and the plants seem to love the rich soil and the plentiful supply of moisture. Pics to come soon!

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