Saturday, June 23, 2007

Meet Chloe

Chloe journeyed all the way from Arkansas to become the future guardian of Jan's Giants. Chloe is a badger-faced Great Pyrannees puppy. Totally fitting for a rabbitry that breeds Giants, don't you think?

Dingo is guarded about this newcomer, she's OK as long as she doesn't invade his space. That means, leave Mom (me) alone. Fortunately, Chloe knows and accepts me as Mom, but LGDs (livestock guardian dogs) are not cuddly and demanding of attention by nature, they tend to be independent and attached to their livestock, and Chloe already demonstrates this. She looks to me for approval and direction, but a pat on the head is about all the attention she wants.

Banjo is in LOVE with this girl, he hounds her relentlessly. Not only that, but he, guardian of food, water, and playtoys, actually allows her to eat, drink, and play whenever she feels like it, with no growls or threats, no sulking if she gets his favorite toy, the change in him is just hysterical!

Fiber-wise, I am the proud owner of a new Roberta electronic spinnier, and I love, love LOVE it! I am finally making serious progress on my son's Dingo sweater, I was having issues doing a three-ply on Polly. The Roberta plies beautifully, and FAST. Now that I have empty spindles, I am a spinning fool, lol. And I love my wool winder, I'm finally using it and I can't believe I used to wind balls of yarn by hand.

I cannot wait for September...


Denise/CT said...

What a beautiful new baby! Now tell me what is a "badger faced" Great Pyrenees? I know the breed, just not the reference.
I guess I've got-a get me one of those Roberta's, then I can spin as fast as you. Wow, you go to town girl!
Happy Spinning!!

Jan said...

Hi Denise,

Thank you!

I guess it refers to the eye patch markings, which I'm told, fade over time. They don't show up that well in the picture.

I'm actually doing the spinning on my Kromski Polonaise (aka Polly), and plying with the Roberta. But I do plan on using Roberta for more than just plying, eventually.