Friday, June 29, 2007

baby drought

Well, I guess Fate is getting even with me for being one of the few breeders to have winter litters - now, while everyone else has babies out the wazoo, I have none. The does are either missing, or in the case of Louisa, losing them. Poor dear, she was so happy when she was preggers, she actually enjoyed ear scritches and would come up to the cage door at feeding time and insist upon them - totally unlike her. She had her litter almost a week late, and the poor, huge, bruised things didn't live long. :( I gave her a week to recover, and bred her to Oscar. I also rebred Sunrise to Stinker.

Meanwhile, we'll see if Antje's breeding to Oscar and Yeungling's breeding to Snowman took. Both are due next weekend. My friend Cheryl bred JG's Fuhrerdernacht to JG's Little Brat, she is also due soon, if she hasn't already delivered. That is one litter I am looking forward to, Brat is Louisa's aunt, and one of the few animals left from that bloodline. I really want a buck from that litter. Rosalin also has a litter by Oscar due on the 15th. Hopefully, some of these does will catch!

I sold Snowman and Betsy to a lovely young lady, I'm sure she'll do well with them.

I finally got all the spinning done on my son's Dingo sweater, only to find that I really need his chest measurement to get started knitting it. He, of course, has no idea what it is, he's going to get the measurement and call me. So of course I had to start spinning something else. ;)

I decided on a bag of roving I got from Lisa at Somerhill. It is called Tiger Lily, it is a fiery orange with red and muted tones. I've never spun Blue-Faced Leicester, it is a dream. Not as slippery as angora and angora blends, but very easy to draft nevertheless, and very soft. I also have 2 lbs of natural colored BFL from Lisa, some of it will be dyed green and plied with the Tiger Lily, I think.

Have a Happy Fourth Of July!

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