Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ever had this happen?

I've had Storybook Dreams' Snowman sold 3 times now. He's basically the foundation sire of my Giants,although he's a German. He's sired 1 BIS winner, 1 RIS, and several BOB and BOS winners. All from ONE LITTER! He's going to sire a litter in my Tan Angora program before he leaves. I can't wait to see how his genes blend with DA Joey's. He would have sired more winners, but I tend to keep bucks in his line, and I use them, and they seem to be as prepotent as he is. I only have one doe he sired, Antje, and she is the dam of Stinker, whom I think is the best rabbit I have ever bred, and he looks like he will be as successful as a sire as his grandad is.

Anyway, I have a buck and a doe of his, plus a grandson and a great-granddaughter. And I will have a Tan Angora sired by him as well. With my limited cage space, I need to move him out to make room. I've had no less than 3 people promise to buy him, but all have backed out for one reason or another.

This is one great buck, his get are bigger and better than he is, someobody would be very smart to buy this rabbit!

Or, he can just stay here. This Fall I'll be moving, and in anticipation of that I'll be building a bunny barn and making more cages, so there will be room. But $100.00 would get someone one heck of a proven sire...

... but you have to come and get him.

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