Sunday, May 20, 2007

Canton Show

Well, JG's Antje won her third ARBA leg, if I were to register her, she'd be a Grand Champion. I won't register her, because there are recognizable German names on her pedigree. As far as I am concerned, Germans and Giants are the same critter, in fact quite a few people who have bought Germans from me have registered them as Giants, but there are those out there who would make trouble for people who do so, so I won't. Once I get 3 generations of Jan's Giants names on the pedigrees, I am going to register them however I wish. My goal is to have the first double-registered Giant/German Angora. :) I honestly think both Antje and her son Stinker could meet the German standard, but I lack the shearing skill to get clear down to the skin without cutting the rabbit. I'm working on that.

Antje also competed well in the BIS competition, she took 2nd in the 6-Class competition on Saturday. The judge Sunday didn't say who took 2nd in 6-Class, but he only handled her once, so I don't think he considered her a contender.

I still have a little doe available from Betsy and Stinker's litter, but somehow the tips of her ears got injured when she was a baby, I think they may have gotten frostbitten. I had people lined up for a doe from this litter, but they seem to have lost interest. That happens. So I'm going back through the waiting list, but if anyone out there is interested, it wouldn't hurt to remind me. :)

Tomorrow I am going to start shearing in earnest, everyone will be done by the end of the week. I'm going to have gobs of excellent raw angora fiber, and I'm going to try out my new combs that I haven't really used yet, so I'll be offering raw white fiber at $6.00 per ounce, and combed white top at $12.00 per ounce. I'm also going to be dyeing and blending, I have white Icelandic, Blue-Faced Leicester, and colored Mohair and Silk to do blends with. We're also having a shearing party on June 2nd at my friend Cheryl's place. Fun, fun, fun!


Angie K:) said...

Congrats to Antje :)

Angie K:)

Jan said...

Antje and I thank you, Angie! :)