Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ever had this happen?

I've had Storybook Dreams' Snowman sold 3 times now. He's basically the foundation sire of my Giants,although he's a German. He's sired 1 BIS winner, 1 RIS, and several BOB and BOS winners. All from ONE LITTER! He's going to sire a litter in my Tan Angora program before he leaves. I can't wait to see how his genes blend with DA Joey's. He would have sired more winners, but I tend to keep bucks in his line, and I use them, and they seem to be as prepotent as he is. I only have one doe he sired, Antje, and she is the dam of Stinker, whom I think is the best rabbit I have ever bred, and he looks like he will be as successful as a sire as his grandad is.

Anyway, I have a buck and a doe of his, plus a grandson and a great-granddaughter. And I will have a Tan Angora sired by him as well. With my limited cage space, I need to move him out to make room. I've had no less than 3 people promise to buy him, but all have backed out for one reason or another.

This is one great buck, his get are bigger and better than he is, someobody would be very smart to buy this rabbit!

Or, he can just stay here. This Fall I'll be moving, and in anticipation of that I'll be building a bunny barn and making more cages, so there will be room. But $100.00 would get someone one heck of a proven sire...

... but you have to come and get him.

Sunday, May 27, 2007




... and After...

I've been meaning to shear Stinker for some time now, but he's been eating well, so I waited. So this weekend I've been busy doing bunny chores, cleaning cages, shoveling poop, and shearing. I'm nearly finished doing everyone. Stinker was so cooperative, he stretched out and relaxed while I took all that hot wool off. I knew there was a rabbit under there somewhere, lol! I got 12 ounces from him, 8 of it prime, the rest was webbed or stained. I'll get Mom Antje and Uncle Nacht tomorrow morning, and that will be it for shearing bunnies for a few months.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Canton Show

Well, JG's Antje won her third ARBA leg, if I were to register her, she'd be a Grand Champion. I won't register her, because there are recognizable German names on her pedigree. As far as I am concerned, Germans and Giants are the same critter, in fact quite a few people who have bought Germans from me have registered them as Giants, but there are those out there who would make trouble for people who do so, so I won't. Once I get 3 generations of Jan's Giants names on the pedigrees, I am going to register them however I wish. My goal is to have the first double-registered Giant/German Angora. :) I honestly think both Antje and her son Stinker could meet the German standard, but I lack the shearing skill to get clear down to the skin without cutting the rabbit. I'm working on that.

Antje also competed well in the BIS competition, she took 2nd in the 6-Class competition on Saturday. The judge Sunday didn't say who took 2nd in 6-Class, but he only handled her once, so I don't think he considered her a contender.

I still have a little doe available from Betsy and Stinker's litter, but somehow the tips of her ears got injured when she was a baby, I think they may have gotten frostbitten. I had people lined up for a doe from this litter, but they seem to have lost interest. That happens. So I'm going back through the waiting list, but if anyone out there is interested, it wouldn't hurt to remind me. :)

Tomorrow I am going to start shearing in earnest, everyone will be done by the end of the week. I'm going to have gobs of excellent raw angora fiber, and I'm going to try out my new combs that I haven't really used yet, so I'll be offering raw white fiber at $6.00 per ounce, and combed white top at $12.00 per ounce. I'm also going to be dyeing and blending, I have white Icelandic, Blue-Faced Leicester, and colored Mohair and Silk to do blends with. We're also having a shearing party on June 2nd at my friend Cheryl's place. Fun, fun, fun!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My friend Mary Jo from CT and I traveled to Nationals in Janesville, WI last weekend. I did not take any rabbits to show, and I'll blame it on Blond Syndrome. I missed the deadline, and didn't realize you can do late entries. My bad, I won't make that mistake again. I did take a couple of young bucks to deliver.

Jack and Karin Bailey won BOB Giant Angora with their sr buck, the Osborns took BOS with (I think) a junior doe. Deb Butorac took BOB English Angora, Cindy Stelloh took BOB French (And BIS!), and BOB Satin was won by a beautiful Copper doe owned by Denise Wyrick, I think BOS was won by a red junior buck owned by the Osborns. Incidentally, I delivered some bunns for some friends, in particular I delivered a gorgeous Copper Satin buck to Denise, who I understand promptly bred him to her beautiful doe. :)

Mary Jo bought some rabbits there as well, we had quite a load coming home, lol! She also bought a nice little Giant buck from me.

Besides admiring some gorgeous rabbits, I met new friends and got to spend some time with some old friends. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, if a very, very long one. Tip: go around Chicago, not through it.

I plan on showing Nacht and Antje at the 2-day Canton, OH show this weekend. Then that's it for me for the season, everyone who hasn't already been clipped down will be, a couple does will be bred and brought inside for the summer, and we'll sit back, relax, and watch the wool grow.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I got a phone call today from a friend. She said that she had heard a rumor that AR groups are targeting small rabbit breeders who have websites. What they do is, they have as many people as they can contact a breeder and say they want to buy a rabbit. I guess the idea is to have the breeder breed as many litters as possible in anticipation of selling them. Of course, since the offers to buy are false, the breeder ends up with a whole bunch of bunnies and the local Animal Control gets an anonymous tip and shows up at their doorstep.

Just FYI. Be careful.