Saturday, April 14, 2007

A win!

JG's Stinker took BOB today at the Baltimore and Howard County show. He was the only bunn I took, his mom Antje needs more grooming (her legs need work), and his uncle Fuherdernacht needs to grow out just a bit more. I think this will be it for me until Nationals.

What is really cool is that Stinker won over 8 other Giants belonging to the Osborns. Their senior buck in particular was one great animal, the judge, Deb Vecchio, kept going back and forth between them. I was so proud when he won! I only wish I could take him to Nationals, but he has stopped gaining weight, so I'm taking his coat off tomorrow, and I'm going to start working on getting him to senior weight. He turns 8 months old the day before Nationals, and at the rate he is going right now, he won't make weight. But he'll be there by Convention...

Stinker got his name because he sprayed like crazy when he was younger. Thanks to some great advice from Karin Bailey and Marilyn DeMarree, I was able to curb that behavior in him and he now looks fabulous. I took him to Lisbon last week, I didn't show him, but 3 people stopped and asked if they could take his picture. Today at B & H County, Nancy Nichols was kind enough to take some photos for me, I'll post one of them when I get them. He does look really impressive right now!

I have a litter of 7 right now from him with Evergreen's Betsy, I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop!

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