Sunday, April 22, 2007


My first weekend I'm really allowed to do stuff, and the weather is beautiful. Bob is up at camp with friends, burning up a white pine overturned by the winds earlier this year. Drinking a few beers, too, no doubt. So I'm home alone. What am I doing? Spring Cleaning. Bunny poop dug out from the outdoor hutches and thrown on the hill. You can't even tell now that that hill used to be a pile of broken up concrete and dog poop. Cages taken out on the driveway and power washed. Rug scrubbed, car vacuumed and scrubbed. Rabbitry washed down with Pine Sol. Laundry done. Doggie doo removed from Bob's putting green, then putting green mowed. Ugh. Aspirin first, blisters bandaged, then it's Miller Time!

Bob comes home while I'm in the shower, freshening up. Why didn't you make the bean soup like you were planning, he asks? I just look at him. He changes the subject. Smart man!

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