Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Baby update

Pewter's baby, (being raised by Betsy) is turning into a Steel. I was hoping for black, but this is nice. It's not like color really matters in Giants, he (she?) carries REW, and will produce REWs when bred to REW Giants, so all is well, in fact I'm betting Steel angora is gorgeous when spun. I'm anxious to see what sex this baby is, but I'm not going to look until I can be reasonably certain of accurate judgement - which means around 5 weeks for me. At that time, if I decide it's a male, it will be. Females occasionally turn into males for me, so I wait longer to make that call. Betsy's own REW babies are doing well, their eyes are opening and thay are getting active. I'm getting where I can see some with definite faults at this early age, and some that look pretty darn good, I marked the ones I like best and will monitor them to see if my predictions come true.

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