Monday, March 05, 2007


I checked out the Information Blog on the new (and otherwise very nice!) NARBC site today. I was extremely disappointed to see the President's message, dated Feb 12, the same flawed message that went into every home in the membership via the Dec '06 newsletter, making allegations regarding the previous administration that just aren't quite true.

I urge those of you who believe in the truth to let the NARBC President and the Board of Directors know just how disappointed you are in this. It should have been corrected, a retraction should be going out in the current issue of the Newsletter, and that message should have been edited before being posted to the Internet. You can contact the officers via this page:


Elaine said...

The NARBC remains the same corrupt group of incompetents it always was. It shouldn't surprise anyone that they continue to try to discredit all attempts to correct the situation. Snakes cannot change their nature. It is unreasonable to expect them to.

Jacque said...

It is a shame that NARBC's name is consistantly tarnished by "members" that are members in name only, and only see one side of a story and only tell one side of a story. Members that belong because they believe in NARBC as an organization - believe in their officers and BOD - stay members - are active - work in the activities - and care not what others believe or say. Some day the hearsay will stop, and NARBC will live on as always.

Jan said...

Actually, the NARBC's name is tarnished by those who spread lies, refuse to acknowledge the truth unless it is forced upon them, and then turn around and keep spreading the same old lies, even when they have previously, AND ON THIS BLOG, acknowledged the truth. Like you. And that's not hearesay, that's fact, and it has happened repeatedly right here on this blog.

And don't worry, when you're up for re-election, "your side" of things, in your own words, will be a main feature in this blog. As will everyone else's.

It's so nice to see so many of Amy's ideas come to fruition - now that someone else can take credit for them. Too bad these things weren't allowed to come into being when so many talented, new people were ready, willing, and able to do them. Too bad so many fresh faces were chased away - literally - by those who have come back into positions they don't deserve. Fact, not hearsay.

Why do you think no one wants to be newsletter editor? Because they don't want to have to deal with a bunch of two-faced, power-hungry manipulators.

The NARBC will come back - when certain people are voted out.

Angie K:) said...

after you posted the link to the " new NARBC website", I checked several pages to see just what was new with the club.
ONE main item of interest that I found to be new : removed links to websites of paid members :(
I had not checked the members' link area in several weeks, and did check it today, and sure enough, my link to my website is gone, so is your's. Amy Spang is gone from the list altogether , just a few paid members of NARBC that I know where there before and are now removed, or vital info removed. Another " temprary " glitch ?? I don't think so, and I am getting tired of having to check :(:( That is one way to treat a paid up member :(
Angie K:)

Jacque said...

Angie, Amy, and Janet. All it takes is an email message to the webmistress with a request for a read receipt (so you have proof that it was read for your sake). Ask that your website be listed and give the website url and your email address. Sometimes it takes a while to get the listing on the page, but, be patient. Sometimes when so many comments are made about "not being affiliated with NARBC", we wonder if you want anything listed on the web page. So, if you do, let us know by emailing the web mistress.
Jacque Dumas

Jan said...

Our websites have been listed previously, and we are paid members, so there was no reason to delete them in the foirst place, Jacque. So there is no reason we should have to re-request being listed.

So just to be clear, UNLESS AND UNTIL a member ASKS to be taken off the page, I would suggest yopu leave them be.

Jacque said...

All websites are being checked for links back to NARBC. That is a requirement for the listing. If there is not a link, the listing will be removed. Sorry, that is the present rule, and a fair one.
Jacque Dumas

Jan said...

I guess it's too much to ask to notify people of the change in policy before acting? I also find it curious that only certain people were selected for the initial deletes. Not surprising, mind you, just curious.

Jan said...

And then there's the fact that I have ALWAYS had an NARBC link on my website, so there was never any reason to do anything whatsoever with mine...