Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Baby update

Well, Louisa's breeding to Nacht did not take, so on Wednesday she will be rebred, and Betsy will go out to the nursery. Betsy and Pewter are due next week. Both feel pregnant, in fact as I was lightly rubbing Pewter's sides this morning, I could swear I got kicked. If so, she's got a lot of babies in there! Hopefully she'll rise to the occasion this time. If Betsy's litter isn't too big, I'll probably foster a couple of Pewter's babies over. Pewter so far has shown no interest in the dropped nestbox, which is good, I think. She started using her previous nestbox as a bathroom, so hopefully she'll use this one the way it was meant to be used. I am debating whether I'm going to put the cardboard insert into it. I put one in Louisa's and she paid no attention to it at all. I've read where many does hate the inserts, so I hesitate to do anything that could cause Pewter any anxiety.

I think I'm going to breed Louisa to Snowman instead of Nacht, though. Snowman is going to a new home in May, and I think I'd like to get one more phenomenal litter from him, lol! Nacht and Louisa will both be around here to make up for lost time later in the year.

Sunrise's litter is at that stage where every one of them looks like they could have wool. This is possible, but highly unlikely. It should work out to be about 50/50. They are adorable little things, although one of the torts has an eye problem. It looks like it got something stuck in its eye. I flushed it, and I've been applying eye ointment to it, and it is clearing up nicely, but there may have been some permanent damage. Time will tell.

They're not as shy as they seem, especially the black one. He is the first to come and greet me, and get his head scritches. He's going to be a real love-bug. :)

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