Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baby update

The babies are still shy, but no longer squirm and try to get away when I handle them. I am really pleased with the color of the chocolate tan, I can only hope s/he has wool. The black tan is coming along nicely, too. Both look to be does (of course, since I need a buck). I also had a new color crop up in the bunch, one of the babies I intially thought was a chocolate tan is in fact a chocolate agouti, and I just love, love, love the color!

The black baby is the biggest and most adventurous, already eating out of Mom's dish and chasing her about the cage trying to nurse while the others are content to stay huddled in the nestbox. I'm leaving the nestbox in a bit longer, as I prefer them to stay there until their feet are so large they can't get stuck in the floor wire. I think they're there already, but it won't hurt to wait a few more days. I cleaned out the contents of the box, so no harm in them hanging out there awhile longer.

I'm having surgery on Tuesday, having some very troublesome plumbing removed. While I'm not looking forward to being hospitalized, even for just a couple of days, I am looking very much forward to being able to get on with my life without worry of "explosions" happening ever again. And of course, the weeks off of work will be nice, too. Time to sit and play with bunnies. :)


Somerhill said...

Love and prayers for a speedy recovery sent your way, Jan!

Jan said...

Thank you, Lisa! They are much appreciated! :)

MystierRayneFarm said...

Hi Janet,

I hope you get well soon. I'm sure you'll be able to heal quickly surrounded by bunches of bunny fluff and love!!

Amanda Beeble

Jan said...

Thank you, Amanda! I hope Jens is doing well!

MystieRayneFarm said...

Oh my gosh Janet! Jens is wonderful. I absolutely adore him:) He has such an adorable personality. He is the only one in the barn that is more worried about getting a scratch behind the ears than he is gobbling food at feeding time. He is definitely one of a kind :)

lol, somehow I signed in under the wrong blog name :) Its one that I had made and messed up....oh well :)

Terri said...

Praying for you to get better soon. Adorable bunnies!!

Gerald said...

"Vincent" and I are wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope all goes well.

BTW, Love the black tan angora.
Since Dobermans were "my breed" when I raised dogs, stands to reason I would love a Dobie marked angora. May have to have me one of those :-)

Best wishes

Jan said...

Thanks Gerald and Terri!