Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pics, for sale, and other stuff

I haven't posted many pics lately, so here are some, first the obligatory cute litter pic of Sunrise's litter:

Yes, I know, it's hard to identify individuals in there! There is 1 black, 1 black tan, 2 chocolate tans, 2 torts, and 2 coppers. Half of these babies will be angoras, because their sire is a short haired rabbit, 1/2 tan angora, and 1/2 Thrianta. I introduced the Thrianta into the bloodline to increase rufus, and it worked, the tans are already showing excellent color. I had a friend who was thinking of using a Thrianta to develop red English angoras. I don't think she followed through with her plan, life took her in a different direction, but the sire of this litter, Copper ( yeah, I use a lot of imagination with my names, NOT! lol!) is available to the right person. He is pictured below:

He has a nice big buck head, and one of the most stout, solid bodies I've ever seen, with great depth. He is also extremely curious and friendly, and the picture does not do his conformation or color justice.

Meanwhile, a young doe I have been looking forward to aquiring has come home, Louisa is a grand-daughter of Gruff and Dumpling:

Her sire is also a Grand Champion belonging to the Baileys. Louisa has a great appetite and produces large droppings, something I actually do look for when considering who to keep in a litter. It is felt by many that such angoras are less likely to be prone to wool block. She has gained a half a pound already since arriving, I think she'll be a big gal! She has been bred to Nacht.

I have 2 purebred German bucks still for sale, details are on the Jan's Giants website:

That's all for now, keep warm, Spring is right around the corner (I hope, boy I sure could use some of the global warming right now, BRRR!!!)

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