Monday, February 05, 2007

PA Convention

Well, I'm back from beautiful Lebanon, PA! This morning it was 5 degrees below zero here, BRRRRRRR!!!!! All the rabbits are still in the house, nobody is going back out in that after being relatively warm since Friday!

I had a good weekend, I sold two does and a buck, got good comments on my junior's bodies but not their coats, but I knew that, none of them were really in show condition. The bucks had had to be shorn because they sprayed each other, and had grown back the mandatory 2" of wool for showing, but that's really not enough to place well. The does had chewed wool off of each other, and were very uneven. And of course JG's Stinker had soiled himself again. I got most of the stain off but he still looked very ivory next to the pristinely white rabbits. I am going to keep him, his body is very nice and solid and his density is exceptional. I got some good advice on how to deal with his spraying from Karin and Marilyn, so hopefully I'll be able to get him clean and keep him that way, until he grows out of this stage.

I picked up my newest doe, Louisa, who is exactly 8 months old and weighs 9 pounds so far, I am confident she'll make it to 10. She is a descendent of my beloved Billy, and also Dumpling, and her sire is a GC belonging to the Baileys, so she has an awesome combination of genetics behind her and is the perfect addition to the gene pool. She likely is the last rabbit I will be buying, as I want to start line breeding and developing a distinct line of Jan's Giants. I might make an exception for a potentially BIG German, tho'.

I also won a pretty little Satin Angora doe bred by Under the Dark Star Rabbitry in the UARC raffle. Her pedigree says lilac, but she is a chocolate seal or chocolate something, her eyes are much too brown, and her coat color too rich to be lilac. Anyway, I have always wanted a chocolate satin for wool, now I have one. :)

The most rewarding part of the weekend for me was the number of people who hugged me, thanked me for being the newsletter editor, and said they understood why I resigned, and were sorry it came to that. I was truly surprised by some of them, as I either did not know their position on all the stuff that has been going on, or I assumed they were on the "other side". It was so rewarding to find out how many people read this blog, understand where I am coming from, and agree! I had some long conversations with several people about the direction the NARBC has been going, and we all have many common concerns. Foremost among the concerns were issues of honesty regarding sanctions and finances. Many folks just don't get a warm, fuzzy feeling that things are being done according to the rules and not according to who has the most influence. And I'm going to leave it at that, because I don't wish to tell other peoples' stories. But I do think more people need to come forward and tell their stories publicly, and bring them up before the Board, and keep bugging them until something is done, or we vote people in who will listen to us and do as we ask.

That's all for now, as I have bunnies to deliver.


Elaine said...

It was nice seeing you at the show this weekend. I'm also happy to see that your travels home were safe and uneventful. What horrid weather! Incidentally, you did get at least one sexing correct this past year; the DOE is doing quite well. ;) LOL

Jan said...

That's good to hear, I thought I was losing my... umm...

What was I saying?


Jacque said...

I am sorry doubts of my ability as Treasurer are once again surfacing. I asked Amy Spang while she was President to publish the audit results that she called for, by an outside "rabbit" person that was qualified, in the newsletter and/or send me a copy of the letter - which would have eased a lot of people's fears. I received neither - and I think that was done intentionaly. I have asked the current President of Narbc to ask Amy for the letter - once again - and to have it published in the Angora News. I am sure she will claim she does not have it any more. The next audit will be at the next Convention. I am sorry for the people who think I am stealing.....just because I have been Treasurer for so long. The fact is the club is losing money and has been ever since the dues were lowered. We have also spent a great deal of money on the Guidebook and the Tri-fold. If anyone cared enough to read and understand the financial reports, it would be obvious to them that the continuous loss in the club of income - with the help of some of its own members - is the cause of the decrease in our assets. My integrity is way too much above stealing - I work for the Public - and my work would be harmed for life if that occurred. I would appreciate it if your comments about my office would desist. I have often said that you did a great job as newsletter editor, and the PayPal account has been done as suggested by the previous administration, so this cloud that you and yours keep casting needs to drift on to other subjects of concern.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Jacque Dumas

Jan said...

And I am sorry that you feel people's concerns should not be voiced. I frankly wish more people would come out and say what is on their minds openly, rather than (I guess) hoping I will write about it.

At any rate, yes you have explained yourself, and no, not everyone buys your explanations. I will not accuse you of stealing, I have no evidence that you ever did, AND I have told people that. However, the perception that something dishonest went on is out there, and fueled at least in part by your own actions of destroying records as soon as you passed an audit. Your hysterical mass emailings didn't help, either.

"You and yours" have a bad habit of not being honest until put into such a position that no other alternative is available - the PayPal account being a case in point. "You and yours" refused to do it, lied about why, and disparaged some good people all because you didn't want to do it. Why? I don't know, I and others can only speculate. But it is clear to everyone that you were not being honest right from the start, and only did the right thing when it became clear to so many poeple that you were either lying or incompetent.

As for drifting on, "I and mine" will do so once this issue has been addressed to our satisfaction. And I think you know what that will entail.

Jacque said...

I guess you forgot that a PayPal account was set up just for the NARBC during Amy's administration??? I did as Amy was never published in the newsletter and never posted to the website. The email address and account name was
Some people have short memories. As for the records, no one/no rule said NOT to dispose of them - and NO I had nothing to hide......never will.....
Jacque Dumas

Jan said...

Your story is quite well documented here, as well as on various lists, you've posted that before. Like I said, people just aren't buying it, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

This conversation is over.