Monday, February 19, 2007

No more Pewter babies :(

The night before last, as I was feeding the bunns, I could hear Pewter's babies and they didn't sound good. I reached in the nestbox, and they were soaking wet and cold! She peed all over them! Grrr..!!!!! I took them out and rinsed them off in very warm water, patted them dry, then hit them briefly with the blow dryer. I then deposited them in with Sunrise's litter. Well, Sunrise seemed to know which baby was hers, because both of Pewter's babies were pushed out of the nest the next morning (and dead), and all of Sunrise's babies were warm, fat, and happy, even the one who had bunked with Pewter's babies for a couple days.

So today I rebred Pewter to Nacht, my nice big German boy, and I'm going to put her outside in a cage with a dropped nestbox and see if she does better. If not, Pewter stew will be on the menu... I also bred Betsy to Stinker. I was also going to breed Louisa, but I had exposed her to Nacht on the 4th. She did not cooperate at all back then as far as I could tell, but when I palpated her today I could swear I felt a bellyfull! Now I absolutely stink when it comes to palpation, but I'm going to hold off and wait and see if I'm right. Or maybe I just felt a bunch of fecal pellets, lol!

I also took Sunrise out of the cage and took a long look at her babies. All of them have nice, round bellies. :) So far, there is one self black (disappointing, as it means Copper does not carry Tan, he carries self), two I suspect are coppers, two that look like chocolate tans, one that looks like a black tan, and two that look like blue torts. There was also a red/fawn, but that was the runt and died earlier in the week. :(

Yesterday I went to Washington Court House, OH for a show. Unfortunately the roads were bad and one Giant Angora breeder could not make it, so it was just me and Dustin. Doogie looked wonderful, Dustin had him groomed to perfection, and he won BOB, and the little doe I brought along to sell took BOS, and Dustin bought her, too. She is Doogie's niece. Our judge was Kevin Hooper, and he told us after the classes were over that he really enjoyed judging the angoras, he doesn't often get the opportunity to. He also mentioned he really liked Doogie , and especially the Satin Angoras, he said he just loved the feel of them , and as if to make his point, he ran his fingers through one of the ones that hadn't been picked up from the table yet. Of course, Lisa pointed out that he could always get started in Angoras, we'd be happy to set him up, lol!

So, no more shows for awhile, I am having surgery on the 6th and am taking 4 weeks off of work to recuperate. That will give me plenty of time to rest, play with bunnies, get Nacht, Stinker, and Antje ready for April and May shows, play with bunnies, cook, play with bunnies... I think you get the picture, lol!

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Terri said...

Awww, poor bunnies. Well, maybe she will do better next time. At least you know she'll conceive. and she seems to have big litters. We are waiting for babies next month.