Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Setting a few things straight

By now you all likely have your NARBC newsletter. I would like to respond to the President's Message here. I tried to discuss it with Judy prior to publication, but my emails were met with silence - although after it was sent to the printer, she did reply to one point - sort of.

First of all, regarding the disassociation of the Yahoo list from the NARBC, Amy sent a ballot to the BOD regarding this. Judy's message leads one to believe that the BOD "stepped in" and took a vote. Not true!

Regarding the NARBC website. You were not "just given one opinion". You were given the facts of the situation, as they happened. No opinions were given as to why it happened, you were allowed to reach your own conclusion. Don't believe me? Go back to the September newsletter and see for yourself.

Regarding the PayPal account. The NARBC most certainly CAN have its own PayPal account, and in its own name. Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the planet can attest to this. Yes, a person has to accept responsibility, naturally, but having a PayPal account in a business or club name is perfectly legal, moral and ethical. Don't believe me? Check it out:

...Business accounts are for businesses. They include our Core Features, as well as our Premium Features, detailed below. Business accounts can operate under a company or group name. Core Features:
Send Money
Request Money
Auctions Tools
Website Payments

Downloadable Log Premium Features:
Includes all Core Features
Use your name or a corporate or group name
Accept unlimited credit or debit card payments
Payment Receiving Preferences
Mass Payments
Multi-User Access (for Business accounts)
Advanced downloadable logs ...

I am disappointed that this has to be re-hashed, but I will not let misconceptions go unchallenged. Nor will I allow my name to be associated with a publication that contains, IMO, deliberate misconceptions. This could have been addressed, but was not, so I resigned as newsletter editor. I know this will make certain people who have been making efforts to undermine my authority as newsletter editor very, very happy.

Well, be careful what you wish for. The NARBC enjoyed a boost in membership largely because of efforts on the part of Amy's supporters to get new members and to get people to re-join, because they wanted the promise of a new administration. I predict many of those new and re-upped members will not be renewing now that Amy has resigned and the new administration seems to want to discredit her efforts. I have seriously considered allowing my membership to lapse as well. However, I do get quite a few referrals from the NARBC website breeder list, and my animals do well in shows, giving me a respectable place in the sweepstakes despite the small number of shows I attend, and that is good advertising, too. So for those reasons I will remain, although I will not participate (do I hear more cheers?), except for my vote, and my recommendations on this blog.

So, if your rabbitry would benefit from sweepstakes points or breeder listing, use the club. If not, I wouldn't bother. There are angora fiber groups you can get support from, email me privately if you'd like information on them.

One last note: There are many wonderful people in the NARBC. I have made friends there I would not wish to be without. I just think it is sad that some people can do no wrong, even when they clearly are wrong, and those who wish to hold them accountable are labeled as troublemakers.

Let the flaming begin...


Elaine said...

No flaming here. I can't say I am at all surprised...EXCEPT for a huge amount of surprise at the assertion that PAngora is in ANY way "affiliated" with NARBC. Janet, I hope you won't mind if I use your blog, which I know that NARBC officers read, to clarify this erroneous information.

Gerald said...

First let me say that I for one am sorry to see you step down as newsletter editor. In my opinion the you did a great job with the newsletter.

My only correction to your blog would be that Amy only sent out a ballot concerning the Yahoo list after considerable discussion and/or debate over the issue with me. So it is not correct to give the impression that she did this whole heartedly.

Gerald Buck

Jan said...

Amy also had considerable discussion over the issue with quite a few other people, Gerald. She asked for and got quite a few opinions before she decided to move forward with the ballot. Something I have always admired about her.

Anyway, thank you for your compliment! I have not heard from Judy if she even got my resignation.

Angora Girl said...

Preach it sista!

I'm in NARBC ONLY for the sweeps... otherwise, they wouldn't get my money.

Jacque said...

Yes, Janet,
A business or organization CAN HAVE a PayPal Account, but, unless it is incorporated - it must be owned by an individual......try setting up an account - I have a business account - and I get all the benefits that a business gets - but, I had to give them MY social security number and name............NARBC does not have one!!!!!and and ein won't work unless you are incorporated - believe me - I would have NARBC have their own PayPal account if I could - and stop this tirade - but, I have tried....and it is not legal - there is no person named National Angora Rabbit.......and the PayPal site will not take their federal id number as the identifing number and I refuse to put my social security number on it, therefore, it will not get business account benefits............
Jacque Dumas

PS....I have always thought you did an excellent job on the newsletter. As far as opinions - there are always many!!!!!

Jan said...


No one has ever denied that a person has to be associated with the account! But thank you for finally admitting why the NARBC does not have a business account with PayPal - it's because YOU don't want one - for whatever reason!

However, another officer could open the business account, according to PayPal more than one person can have access.

And as for the "tirade" (which it is not) - had Judy simply let it go and moved on, instead of putting misleading information in her message and then refusing to even discuss it - you would not have heard a peep out of me. And I'd still be the Editor.

And thank you for the compliment about the newsletter, from some of your previous comments right here on this blog, I would not have thought you had such a high opinion of me.

Bev said...

jan, I don't usually comment on things, but I have to say, touche.

Gerald said...

She may very well have discussed the ballot with other individuals, I cannot speak to that. What I can speak to is the fact that in communications to me she was never in favor of a ballot and did just believe that she could disassociate from the list on her own without going to the board. In her communications with me, when she finally agreed to a ballot is was not without protest.

I am not wanting to dwell on this issue but if you take exception to Judy giving the impression that the board stepped in , then I must take exception to you giving the impression that Amy sent the ballot out willing and freely.

Jan said...

Gerald, I agree that Amy thought that because the Yahoo group is not covered by the C&BLs, that she did not need a board vote. I also believe she was correct in that. However, I also believe that the vote was a good idea, for a variety of reasons.

Amy is not and was not perfect. But misrepresenting what went on in a message that is delivered into every home in the NARBC membership is NOT right.

So we'll have to agree to disagree.

Stacey Wynn said...

Jan, I can't say I blame you for distancing yourself from NARBC. I was the Elections Chairperson for a while and it was a total pain. I couldn't do anything right. Everything I did was 'illegal' to someone especially when a vote didn't go quite the way they wanted it to go.

I got out of the chaos and let my membership expire. At that time the news letter was mostly composed of pages and pages with a lot of zeros for the treasurer report. Talk about a waste of money!!!

I had joined the club to learn about angoras not read a gossip column about who won what or what money wasn't spent on.

I sure didn't join or offer up my personal time to be harassed to the point of tears. Now when I sell a rabbit I don't even give a copy of the NARBC membership application like I do for my local clubs or ARBA.

Stacey Wynn

Jan said...

Hi Stacey,

I've heard a lot of comments like yours! I tried to pass some of them on, and got mis-quoted and smeared for my efforts.

It's a shame, there are so many really nice people in the NARBC, but they never seem to wind up running things - at least not for long.