Thursday, January 11, 2007

PA Convention

Well, I took a deep breath today and booked a room for the show for a couple of days. Most likely all I will have will be juniors, but it will be helpful to get opinions on them. I have decided on the buck and the doe I am holding back for further evaluation, but only one of them will stay, and I'll likely make that decision at Lebanon, after I have gotten the judges' opinions. The litter is improving with age, as they usually do. I truly am torn between the two, both are really nice! The wool on both is wonderfully dense, the buck in particular has the nicest wool I've seen on a buck. So for that reason, I'm leaning towards him. But the doe is BIG. Although the buck is a good size, too. Decisions, decisions! I can't wait to move to a better location where I can have more cages and not have to make such hard decisions. Although such hard culling does have its benefits - Pam Nock, who has judged my rabbits since my original pair, cannot say enough about how they have improved.

So, anyway, I will be there, with nice juniors for sale, and I will be bringing a nice doe home as well. Hope to see you there!

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