Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I received this email from the Treasurer:

Hello to All,

I have decided to resolve the issue of the PayPal account. I converted my personal account to a Business Account for National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club. I removed my credit card number and my bank account number, so, this account is strictly for NARBC transactions now. The old account of "naangorarabbitbreedersclub" is now closed. The yahoo address is still active, because I don't know how to close it out. If someone can tell me how to do that, I will certainly take care of that situation, although it has never been used.

The National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club has a new email address:

This is also the address to direct ALL PayPal payments.

My personal PayPal account will remain as, but, it has my personal account information ONLY.

I hope this clears up all discussion of this issue. Please feel free to cross-post this on ALL lists possible to get the information out there.

Thank you so much.

Jacque Dumas


Elaine said...

In order to close a PayPal account, one follows the links to 'account' and look for the button that says "E D I T". Same for a Yahoo account. OK, so maybe it is profound ignorance of contemporary practice. {shudder}

Angie K:) said...

Too bad it couldn't be done for Amy while she was in office.
Angie K:)

Jan said...

Yes, Angie, it is too bad. I wonder if the next newsletter will contain any retractions?

Somerhill said...

Janet, I think its weird that I learn more about the official business of the club on your blog than I do on the "official" NARBC chatlist or website.

Jan said...

Boy, Lisa, if you only knew...

Jacque said...

Dear All,
Since Jan has seen fit to ask for comments, I have a few:
1) I did set up a separate account strictly for NARBC with a fake name as asked.
2) The problem before was that a Person's name was Not to be involved with the account in any style,fashion, or form.
3) The old account is MINE, converted to a NARBC business account. Once that was done, I realized I had to set up another account - for me. I had to put my husband's ssn# on MY account, as the NARBC account has MY ssn# on it.........because it is not a corp, I could not use the ein# the club has.
4) I was trying to avoid all these steps, but, I had to do it all in the end anyway. I lost all my records of my personal PayPal, as, whoever is the new Treasurer will have to put her name and ssn# in the account in place of mine - and if she has a personal account already with PayPal - then someone else will have to step up with the name and ssn# necessary to keep the business account.
5) As the for old PayPal account - it has been closed......I only ask for instructions on how to close the yahoo account - I have yet to find that out!!!

Thank you for your continued interest in NARBC....

I hope this sets the WHOLE story straight. As for the list, it was posted after the moderator was well
enough to send it on through. After all, it is still moderated.

Jacque Dumas

Jan said...

Well Jacque, I was cc'd on an awful lot of correspondence back then, and I do not recall anyone saying that, as you put it, "a Person's name was Not to be involved with the account in any style,fashion, or form."

The request was that it not be run through your personal account, and that it have the NARBC's name. Which I guess it does now, although I have not actually tried it yet. It has always been known and accepted that a person would have to take responsibility for it. It has never been presented otherwise - at least not by Amy or anyone in her camp.

As for the Yahoo account, if you don't understand what has been posted here, why don't you just go to Yahoo Help and ask THEM?