Sunday, January 07, 2007


I've been evaluating bunns over the weekend. I figured out where the sudden occurances of pinched hindquarters came from, and I'm already working on weeding that out. Nacht will be the new herdsire. He is the finest bunn I have ever bred, but he was never shown. He will be now! Once his coat grows out, that is. He needed shorn badly when I picked him up, but his 6" long coat was dense and luxurious!

I've re-thought my breedings for this month, I have a copper 1/2 Thrianta, 1/2 angora buck from Carmie, the chocolate tan doe who now lives at the Smith Family Farm in Vermont. He has, besides lots of rufus, the most solid, correct little bod I've ever seen. Since Easter is coming up, I'm going to breed him to Pewter and Sunrise, as there will be short-haired babies in the litters, and I have an excellent outlet for those babies at that time of year. Meanwhile, I have plans for an outside buck with Antje, and Nacht will have a date with Betsy.

It looks as though I will go to the PA Convention. Besides having bunns to sell, there is a doe I am going to pick up. She is the grand-daughter of Dumpling and Billy Goat's Gruff, and her sire is a Gr. Champion. With her I will be able to get back to the original bloodlines from my beloved Billy. Besides, there will be people there I want to talk to, and some newbies I want to help.

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