Thursday, January 04, 2007

America: Land of the well-regulated, home of the conformists

Well, a lot has happened over the holidays. I won't mention everything, as some things are still unfolding, but here's one for starters:

The Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky has signed a 90-some page piece of legislation making pet owners guilty until proven innocent, and liable for hundreds of dollars if they miss a step anywhere. Our wonderful ARBA administration is, as they have in the past, taking a "it doesn't affect us" wait-and-see attitude. What President Hayhow doesn't get is that what affects one of us, sooner or later will affect ALL of us.

I've had some health and resultant financial setbacks, and I am re-evaluating my show schedule for the year. Mostly, I am questioning any shows where I need to use a toll road and/or stay at a hotel. So Lebanon in Feb. is questionable for both reasons. It would be a shame not to go, as I had promised some people I would, and it will be a quad show for angoras, but fact is, I owe some money to some medical facilities and it's kinda important to stay in your doctor's good graces. More important than bunny points are. Well the jury is still out, I may go yet. But I have to make a decision soon. Nationals is also iffy, again for both reasons, but I have awhile before I have to make that decision.

Speaking of bunnies, this last litter is wonderful wool-wise, but I'm not sure that body-wise it has lived up to previous litters. I'm still torn between the big doe and the somewhat smaller buck. I'll make that decision this weekend. Meanwhile, it will be time to breed one colored and one white litter soon. Plans are for Snowman and Pewter and Nacht and Betsy. I can't wait to see Pewter's babies, wonder where those ears will be, up, down, or in-between?

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Angie said...

Hi Jan,
I'll keep my fingers crossed real tight that you'll find a way to come to the PA show, we still want to purchase a few Giants from you, so money would come in from coming to the show. Please let us know when you make a choice, so that we'll know what to count on as far as "for sale" bunnies.
Angie K:) and Lauren Cody