Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I received this email from the Treasurer:

Hello to All,

I have decided to resolve the issue of the PayPal account. I converted my personal account to a Business Account for National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club. I removed my credit card number and my bank account number, so, this account is strictly for NARBC transactions now. The old account of "naangorarabbitbreedersclub" is now closed. The yahoo address is still active, because I don't know how to close it out. If someone can tell me how to do that, I will certainly take care of that situation, although it has never been used.

The National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club has a new email address:

This is also the address to direct ALL PayPal payments.

My personal PayPal account will remain as, but, it has my personal account information ONLY.

I hope this clears up all discussion of this issue. Please feel free to cross-post this on ALL lists possible to get the information out there.

Thank you so much.

Jacque Dumas

Saturday, January 20, 2007

For those who say it can't be done

I just renewed my membership with ARBA today. For those of you who don't know what ARBA is, it is a non-profit rabbit club. Guess what I used? PayPal! And guess whose name is on my receipt?

Seller Information
Seller NameAmerican Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.
Seller Status
Verified Business Member (2666)

Any more questions? Geez!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Setting a few things straight

By now you all likely have your NARBC newsletter. I would like to respond to the President's Message here. I tried to discuss it with Judy prior to publication, but my emails were met with silence - although after it was sent to the printer, she did reply to one point - sort of.

First of all, regarding the disassociation of the Yahoo list from the NARBC, Amy sent a ballot to the BOD regarding this. Judy's message leads one to believe that the BOD "stepped in" and took a vote. Not true!

Regarding the NARBC website. You were not "just given one opinion". You were given the facts of the situation, as they happened. No opinions were given as to why it happened, you were allowed to reach your own conclusion. Don't believe me? Go back to the September newsletter and see for yourself.

Regarding the PayPal account. The NARBC most certainly CAN have its own PayPal account, and in its own name. Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the planet can attest to this. Yes, a person has to accept responsibility, naturally, but having a PayPal account in a business or club name is perfectly legal, moral and ethical. Don't believe me? Check it out:

...Business accounts are for businesses. They include our Core Features, as well as our Premium Features, detailed below. Business accounts can operate under a company or group name. Core Features:
Send Money
Request Money
Auctions Tools
Website Payments

Downloadable Log Premium Features:
Includes all Core Features
Use your name or a corporate or group name
Accept unlimited credit or debit card payments
Payment Receiving Preferences
Mass Payments
Multi-User Access (for Business accounts)
Advanced downloadable logs ...

I am disappointed that this has to be re-hashed, but I will not let misconceptions go unchallenged. Nor will I allow my name to be associated with a publication that contains, IMO, deliberate misconceptions. This could have been addressed, but was not, so I resigned as newsletter editor. I know this will make certain people who have been making efforts to undermine my authority as newsletter editor very, very happy.

Well, be careful what you wish for. The NARBC enjoyed a boost in membership largely because of efforts on the part of Amy's supporters to get new members and to get people to re-join, because they wanted the promise of a new administration. I predict many of those new and re-upped members will not be renewing now that Amy has resigned and the new administration seems to want to discredit her efforts. I have seriously considered allowing my membership to lapse as well. However, I do get quite a few referrals from the NARBC website breeder list, and my animals do well in shows, giving me a respectable place in the sweepstakes despite the small number of shows I attend, and that is good advertising, too. So for those reasons I will remain, although I will not participate (do I hear more cheers?), except for my vote, and my recommendations on this blog.

So, if your rabbitry would benefit from sweepstakes points or breeder listing, use the club. If not, I wouldn't bother. There are angora fiber groups you can get support from, email me privately if you'd like information on them.

One last note: There are many wonderful people in the NARBC. I have made friends there I would not wish to be without. I just think it is sad that some people can do no wrong, even when they clearly are wrong, and those who wish to hold them accountable are labeled as troublemakers.

Let the flaming begin...

Monday, January 15, 2007

America: Land of the well-regulated, home of the conformists, Pt 2

More and more, in the name of Animal Rights, or in the name of disease control, those of us who breed animals for a hobby are being attacked. We are all lumped in with the few irresponsible breeders who do exist. AR activists prey upon an uninformed public with visions of cute puppies and other baby animals being abused in the name of profit. Now some of us do make money with our hobby, I don't. Why? Well, I go to shows, so I have tolls, hotel rooms, gas, insurance, entry fees, food, and wear and tear on my vehicle to pay for. At best I break even. Also, I have a very good, but very expensive veterinarian. And yes, I do a lot of my own vet work, but I cannot bring myself to put an animal down, and I do occasionally come across something I cannot treat myself, or need outside advice or a different medication for.

Many of the new and proposed laws regarding animal breeding allow for unannounced inspections of your property. Now I do take good care of my animals, but twice now my property has been visited by deputies with cameras, and nothing has ever come of it. But every one of us has times where something gets ahead of us. We might get a bad case of the flu and not clean cages on time. Heaven forbid the inspectors come then! Or we may rescue a matted, dirty angora and not shave it right away, in order to give it time to acclimate and put some weight on. Or a cage of adolescent male REWs may decide to have a spraying contest. PEE-YEW!

Here is an excerpt from a post from
regarding "Rational Thinking on Animal Control Issues for the State of New Mexico":

At a press conference on Sunday (covered by KOAT-TV news) Albuquerque
Mayor Chavez "officially" announced what had been expected for some time. During the 60-day New Mexico legislative session that starts on Tuesday (Jan 16), Mayor Chavez will seek legislation for mandatory statewide spay/neuter of all pets.

The legislation will be modeled after the disastrous HEART ordinance adopted in Albuquerque. Unfortunately, this continues Mayor Chavez's politics of supporting extreme aspects of the Animal Rights ideology. Under the HEART ordinance, animal ownership is considered to be a privilege granted through, and controlled by the government. Under HEART, owners have lost their property rights. So, any legislation modeled after HEART raises serious property rights issues that should be of concern to all New Mexico residents. Furthermore, HEART is a disastrous law because it trivializes animal cruelty, establishes poorly conceived government care requirements, discriminates against those with low income, is acknowledged to be unenforceable, establishes a government monopoly on companion animals, and fails to provide effective measures to reduce the number of animals killed in Albuquerque's shelters. Simply put, HEART is a public policy disaster.

Let me repeat that one sentence:

Under the HEART ordinance, animal ownership is considered to be a privilege granted through, and controlled by the government.

Is that communistic or what!? Our rights DO NOT come from the government! As pointed out in the Declaration of Independence, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Under many of these laws, pet owners are considered guilty until proven innocent. Pets and livestock can be arbitrarily seized, the owners fined, and the animals spayed, neutered, or euthanized before anyone sees the inside of a court of law. Sound unbelievable? Read the recently passed Louisville, KY bill:

In particular, read section 91.052, what constitutes abandonment. Don't even consider going to a weekend show, even if your animals do have access to plenty of food and fresh water!

In America, we have become so far removed from where our food and clothing comes from, that many of us are clueless as to what constitutes good basic care. Many people think animals need constant "enrichment" of their environment, and they need constant physical contact with other members of their species, and they need toys...

Some of my rabbits are happiest when simply left alone. They want to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom, beyond that they really could either care less or would prefer to be left alone to nap.

Essentially, AR activists want to make it too expensive for the average person to breed animals. They want to dictate who breeds animals (no one!), how those animals are cared for (extravagantly), and who is allowed to buy pets (only people who can budget hundreds or thousands of $$ for veterinary visits). Forget about the poor family who raises rabbits to feed their children!

This infringement on our rights cannot be allowed to continue. What affects few of us now will spread to affect ALL of us in the future! Once upon a time, it was perfectly legal to hunt on your own property. Now you need to buy an ever more expensive license. The right to defend oneself with a handgun is under constant attack. Interstate highways are becoming toll roads. Emminent domain is used as an excuse to seize private property and turn it over to corporations. In some states, automobiles are considered luxuries and are taxed every year. Even homesteaders are being stalked, with laws making it difficult or even impossible for them to grow their own crops! Where does it end?

Eventually, we'll all live in high-rise apartments in isolated cities, the only animals we'll see will be in zoos, and we'll eat what the .gov tells us to, live where they tell us to, wear what they tell us to...

Think I'm exaggerating? 50 years ago, who would have thought it would be breaking the law to ride a bike without a helmet, drive a car without a seatbelt, or smoke a cigarette in a bar?

America, Land of the Well-Regulated, Home of the Conformists.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

PA Convention

Well, I took a deep breath today and booked a room for the show for a couple of days. Most likely all I will have will be juniors, but it will be helpful to get opinions on them. I have decided on the buck and the doe I am holding back for further evaluation, but only one of them will stay, and I'll likely make that decision at Lebanon, after I have gotten the judges' opinions. The litter is improving with age, as they usually do. I truly am torn between the two, both are really nice! The wool on both is wonderfully dense, the buck in particular has the nicest wool I've seen on a buck. So for that reason, I'm leaning towards him. But the doe is BIG. Although the buck is a good size, too. Decisions, decisions! I can't wait to move to a better location where I can have more cages and not have to make such hard decisions. Although such hard culling does have its benefits - Pam Nock, who has judged my rabbits since my original pair, cannot say enough about how they have improved.

So, anyway, I will be there, with nice juniors for sale, and I will be bringing a nice doe home as well. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I've been evaluating bunns over the weekend. I figured out where the sudden occurances of pinched hindquarters came from, and I'm already working on weeding that out. Nacht will be the new herdsire. He is the finest bunn I have ever bred, but he was never shown. He will be now! Once his coat grows out, that is. He needed shorn badly when I picked him up, but his 6" long coat was dense and luxurious!

I've re-thought my breedings for this month, I have a copper 1/2 Thrianta, 1/2 angora buck from Carmie, the chocolate tan doe who now lives at the Smith Family Farm in Vermont. He has, besides lots of rufus, the most solid, correct little bod I've ever seen. Since Easter is coming up, I'm going to breed him to Pewter and Sunrise, as there will be short-haired babies in the litters, and I have an excellent outlet for those babies at that time of year. Meanwhile, I have plans for an outside buck with Antje, and Nacht will have a date with Betsy.

It looks as though I will go to the PA Convention. Besides having bunns to sell, there is a doe I am going to pick up. She is the grand-daughter of Dumpling and Billy Goat's Gruff, and her sire is a Gr. Champion. With her I will be able to get back to the original bloodlines from my beloved Billy. Besides, there will be people there I want to talk to, and some newbies I want to help.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

America: Land of the well-regulated, home of the conformists

Well, a lot has happened over the holidays. I won't mention everything, as some things are still unfolding, but here's one for starters:

The Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky has signed a 90-some page piece of legislation making pet owners guilty until proven innocent, and liable for hundreds of dollars if they miss a step anywhere. Our wonderful ARBA administration is, as they have in the past, taking a "it doesn't affect us" wait-and-see attitude. What President Hayhow doesn't get is that what affects one of us, sooner or later will affect ALL of us.

I've had some health and resultant financial setbacks, and I am re-evaluating my show schedule for the year. Mostly, I am questioning any shows where I need to use a toll road and/or stay at a hotel. So Lebanon in Feb. is questionable for both reasons. It would be a shame not to go, as I had promised some people I would, and it will be a quad show for angoras, but fact is, I owe some money to some medical facilities and it's kinda important to stay in your doctor's good graces. More important than bunny points are. Well the jury is still out, I may go yet. But I have to make a decision soon. Nationals is also iffy, again for both reasons, but I have awhile before I have to make that decision.

Speaking of bunnies, this last litter is wonderful wool-wise, but I'm not sure that body-wise it has lived up to previous litters. I'm still torn between the big doe and the somewhat smaller buck. I'll make that decision this weekend. Meanwhile, it will be time to breed one colored and one white litter soon. Plans are for Snowman and Pewter and Nacht and Betsy. I can't wait to see Pewter's babies, wonder where those ears will be, up, down, or in-between?