Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tattoo day

I moved all but one of Antje's 8 babies into new digs today, bucks in one 48x30 cage, does in another. I had 5 bucks and 3 does, so the littlest buck got to stay behind with Mom. I also weighed, tattooed, and evaluated them. One fault I really need to work on is pinched lower hindquarters. Ironically, the runt of the litter has the best body so far, and nice wool, too. That big doe I've had my eye on since birth has not disappointed me, either. So I am going to hold onto these 2 for awhile. There was another buck I liked alot, the biggest fellow, whom I've also had my eye on since birth, but he's a bit pinched you-know-where - in that lower HQ. :(

I took Betsy out today to tattoo her, as well. At 6 months of age she weighs 8 lbs. I was hoping for more, I'm toying with the idea of shearing her. Being in short coat stimulates the appetite. She is so gorgeous right now, she is in full, prime coat. I went to take a picture of her for the website only to find my batteries are dead. :(

Well, I'll get new batteries and use her for my grooming demo bunny at the shearing party next Saturday. I'll probably use her for my shearing demo, too, as she is so laid back and cooperative. Of course, now that I've said that, she'll probably behave like a holy terror, lol!

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