Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The disappearing blogs

I've noticed lately a trend lately... certain blogs I enjoyed, or referred back to, have disappeared. Good thing Google takes a snapshot, and good thing I know how to save them for posterity... I've been forced lately to re-evaluate who my friends are, or ever were, and these saved blogs come in handy. Pity people try to hide who they are/were. Pity people can't come right out and say what their agenda is/was, and allow the rest of us to make a decision and stick with it. Pity that politics have to come into play at all.

I am enjoying this time off from showing, and plan to come back in the Spring with some awesome bunnies. Not yet quite what I am striving for, but on my way. More and more I realise that the breed of bunns I deal with takes time to evaluate with certain characteristics. Weight and shoulders need time. Wool I have a pretty good handle on right away - as in, from 3-6 months. Other faults show up right away, and do not improve with time. I hope that, if my observations and notes hold true, in 2 years or so I will have some truly awesome Giants.

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