Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What have we done right?

So someone asked me today, via email, has the NARBC ever done anything right, in my opinion?

The NARBC has done a lot of things right! But so has any worthwhile organization, does that mean there is no room for improvement? ARBA has done a lot of good things, but does that mean it should just keep plugging away and not look for ways to improve its service to its members? In my opinion, ARBA was caught with its pants down as far as Animal Rights activists and their actions are concerned. Thankfully, we have people there in influential positions who care about the impact ARs are trying to make on us and related industries, and I think (at least, I hope) we'll be on top of things in the future.

The NARBC has been caught with its pants down regarding the impact some members have had on others, and regarding the power and best use of the Internet. I understand that we don't want to neglect those members who either do not have access, or who have only limited access to the Internet, but *not neglecting* them does not therefore mean we *do neglect* those who do, and who want more from the club in that regard. One does not preclude the other.

It also does not mean dissemnating false information about the use of the internet, specifically, trying to install fear of your email being sold to those evil spammers because somebody sent a file in Excel format instead of .pdf... but I digress... besides, that file doesn't include email addresses... cough, cough...

At any rate, I have to ask, what are you so afraid of? Seriously, those of you who so bitterly opposed Amy and the changes she tried to make, what were you so freaking afraid of? Losing influence? Learning something new? Seeing others profit from better access to information?

Please don't try to tell me you were afraid the new officers would make mistakes and "ruin" the club. You all, each and every single one of you, made PLENTY of mistakes in earlier years, yet the club goes on, and few people even remember such stuff. Those who do most likely remember those events fondly. Heaven knows I made a lot of mistakes with the newsletter early on , yet it and the club go on, in fact I think it is pretty darn good. I have people I don't even know submitting articles and offering to help out, and I learn something new from each one of them.

I guess what it boils down to is, you can either embrace or resist change. On that note, I'll leave you with this thought:

Eric Hoffer:
In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.


Gerald said...

You make several good points but the one that is left off is to ask Amy what she was afraid of in working with the board. As a board member that truly tried to be as unbiased as possibly, I always was left with the impression that she was trying to steam roll over the board.

Not trying to pick a arguement,but at the same time I dont feel it is fair that the BOD is continually taking the brunt of the blame. There is more than enough to go around.

Gerald Buck

Jan said...

Actually, Gerald, I never mentioned the BOD, did I? You are assuming that. Actually, I was referring to specific members who deliberately witheld passwords, shut down the website for no reason, spread misinformation via mass emails, and other activities designed to undermine people's confidence in her.

As for steamrolling, I do believe Amy submitted quite a few items for the BOD to vote on. I see no evidence whatsoever that she was afraid to work with anyone, anytime.

Jacque said...

Well, Jan,
Why don't you just own up to why Amy is no longer President?? She couldn't take the heat from her own BOD!!! That is why, it appears to me....After all, her term of office started disseminating when her own chosen few started resigning on her, and then she resigned herself, and her other few remaining followed suit. Don't you think you should be putting the blame where the blame lies??? In Amy's own hands??? After all, we had all started working together, it appeared to me, and yes, things were starting to get better.....what happened??? Maybe those that read this blog should go straight to the source and ask for yourself - if she will tell. Ask Tracy and Franco and Angie and Amy.....they all know the truth.

And, while they are asking for the truth, ask why the new club was not publicized until the Convention was going on....amazing!!!the timing was just simply amazing......


Jan said...

Her own BOD? She has no influence on who is on the BOD, they are voted in by the membership. And Amy has stated, and I have repeated, that it was ultimately attacks from within her own support structure that cause her to decide to resign.

Maybe YOU should go back and read the previous entries before you come here and stick you foot in your mouth.

And BTW, you don't know why people started resigning, so maybe you should check with them before you make assumptions. I know you *think* you know why, and I also know for a fact that you are wrong.

Jan said...

... and as for the timing of the new club, I don't see the significance of it at all. I am not part of the club, I had no knowledge of it being formed, but I do know that things take the time that they take to organize, and I see nothing "amazing" at all regarding the time it took to get chartered with ARBA. Maybe you can share with us exactly what it is that is so "amazing".