Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Truth

I had posted a rather smart-alec article last night, thinking better of it, I'm editing it somewhat, but the point still applies.

Awhile back I had been trying to get a point across to some people, mainly that just because you think something might be true, it doesn't necessarily have merit and you really should keep such thoughts private unless and until you have some kind of proof that something is going on. Groundless accusations hurt people, and create enemies, and none of us need more of those. Some people took offense at my position, and to this day I am still noticing repercussions from that time. Nothing major, essentially silly, minor irritations. But, I think we need to get over it already. You know who you are. C'mon already.

Also, for the benefit of some, I don't open unsolicited emails with attachments, no matter how benign they might sound, unless they have a purpose related to my job or my duties. Especially if a Google reveals that that particular attachment may contain a virus.

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