Friday, October 20, 2006

Shearing Party! Nov 18th, 10 AM!

Hi All,

Cheryl Ferrent and I are putting on a shearing party at her home (she has a nice big store building to use) outside of Punxsutawney, PA. Grooming, shearing, and other topics will be covered. Some of the other topics will likely include uses for and processing of the wool, and spinning.

This party will be geared towards newbie angora owners of all breeds, but since Cheryl and I both own Giants and Germans, well... ;) (Cheryl also has English)

Newbies and experienced breeders of all breeds are welcome to come! There will be no charge, (unless we decide to have lunch catered or something) and the goal will be to teach and to learn. I am going to bring my fuzzy French Lop doe, who always mats no matter what, to demonstrate extreme (rescue) grooming measures. For lunch, I am planning on bringing some AWESOME ground beef I have, and buns and condiments, if attendees could bring beverages, sidedishes, etc., that would be greatly appreciated. Please email me for more information. We'll firm plans up as we go along.

I can also bring weaned bunnies from Antje and Holden's litter, for those of you on the waiting list.

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