Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm going to be reducing the numbers in the rabbitry. With only 14 cages, I have too many projects going. Louise Walsh has offered to assist me in the Tan Angora project, so I will be taking bunns to her at Rhinebeck. I am going to keep Sunrise, a blue Tan doe, and Copper, a shorthaired 1/2 Angora/Thrianta buck. After much thought, I am also keeping Pewter, but I am putting her in the Tan program to add much-needed size and bone to the mixture. The REW Germans and Giants will remain pure. Nine out of ten babies in the last litter have either made weight or are darn close, so I am going to just keep doing what I've been doing.

Which means I have to make some tough decisions regarding the REWs. Snowman will be staying on at Groundhog Hares, where he is on a mission to produce a litter with JG's Little Brat. One of those babies will be coming home to take his place. Snowman will likely still be used here upon occasion, however. Definitely in a date with Evergreen's Betsy this Spring. The 10th baby is none other than my precious Jewel, who is staying at about 8 1/2 pounds. Her mother, Mopsie, did the same thing, until I sheared and bred her, then after she weaned that litter of 10 she packed on the muscle and today she weighs in at about 10 and 1/4 pounds. I am hoping Jewel will do the same. However, since her sister Antje is already there, I am keeping Antje and selling Jewel. She goes to her new home next weekend, freshly shorn and bred to Cody to get her new owner off to a good start. One of those babies will find its way back here. :)

I have also decided to part with Mopsie. I am hoping her breeding to Cody has taken, if so she will not be available until that litter is weaned. If not, then she will be available in early November. This will leave me with Antje, Cody, Betsy, and some as-yet-unnamed babies, one from Antje, and hopefully one each from Mopsie, Jewel, and Brat. Then there will be Dumpling's granddaughter as well. Plenty of a new generation to pick from!

Antje's big, huge baby I was hoping was a buck, doesn't look like one. Might be pinched in the lower hindquarter, too, time will tell. However, there is a somewhat smaller one who looks quite promising in every way. These two developed their coats faster than any of the others, they were very distinctly white while the others were still pink. I'm anxious to see how their wool develops relative to their littermates.

I am also going to start growing giant pumpkins next Spring. I always grow pumpkins, but I figured with a name like Jan's Giants, why not extend that to pumpkins as well? :)

That's all for now, I have bunns to shear. :)

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