Sunday, September 03, 2006

Little birds

I just love little birds, you know the kind - as in, "a little bird told me...". I heard from a couple of my little birds this weekend. Their tips involved gossip. So I thought I'd post a couple tips of my own concerning gossip.

1. If someone tells you something derogatory about someone else, try to determine if it is true. Ask the person spreading the rumor what their proof is. If they can't provide it, well, you know what their testimony is worth.

2. One easy way to determine for yourself if something is true, is to "Google" it. For instance, someone once told me that terrible things were circulating around the Internet about someone. So I went to and typed this person's name in quotes in the Google Search Bar and hit Enter. Four entries, none of which backed up the claim. Try it yourself.

3. If you get something via email that is questionable, when answering it (If you choose to at all), type the email addy of someone you trust in the "bcc" address bar. "Bcc" stands for "Blind carbon copy". It sends a copy of your email to someone without letting the other person know. I often do this if I have reason to believe that someone is going to quote me out of context or otherwise misrepresent something I've said.

Better yet, just throw it in the trash where it belongs.

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