Friday, September 08, 2006

Liberty Ark Coalition - STOP NAIS!

Copied from a Liberty Ark email....

Thanks to the great work of Ray Cunio and Doreen Hannes, and many others in the Liberty Ark Coalition, Senator Jim Talent and Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson, both from Missouri, introduced companion bills yesterday which will say the "...Secretary [USDA] shall not implement or carry out, and no Federal funds shall be used to implement or carry out, a National Identification System, or similar requirement, that mandates the participation of livestock owners."
This is a great step forward, but it is just a beginning. Before the bills were introduced, we submitted to the Senator and Congresswoman a list of additional issues that should be addressed in the bill. We were assured that our input will be requested as the bills move to hearings, and through the process.
The bills have not yet been assigned a number. They will be posted on the Liberty Ark website as soon as they are available.
This is a great example of what we can do when we all work together. We were able to tell the Congressmen that we represented 72 organizations, and more than 1100 members in all 50 states. This is impressive, in view of the fact that we organized only a few months ago. But we need many more organizations, and many, many more individuals to sign up in support of this effort to eliminate the National Animal Identification System( NAIS).
Please make an effort to get your friends and neighbors to visit the website ( ) and sign the pledge. We’re going to need thousands of people if we are going to be successful in this battle. The folks who are pushing this plan have tons of money and powerful, paid lobbyists.
Get a supply of the new brochure, and a CD so you can provide accurate information to all the people you know. We have reached a new stage in this fight, and we need to expand the army.


Sunrise Ridge said...

Thank you Jan!!! I, along with other neighbors and people I know will love this link!

Jan said...

You're welcome, Terri! We need to let our legislators know that we will not supporgt further intrusions into our lives!