Saturday, September 30, 2006

In support of Amy and Judy

For the most part, I am going to keep silent about my opinions on what has gone on before and what is going on now in the NARBC. The reasons for my choice of silence are varied, for one thing, I feel we need time for the rhetoric and outright lies on the part of some to fade.

I want to say, however, that Amy had my vote, and my full support. I wish she had not stepped down, but I understand why she did. I also believe her recent post in her blog on all of this to be 100% accurate. I know Judy does not agree with all of it, but fortunately, Judy is one of those rare people who can disagree with you and be an adult about it. Which is why I am glad she is replacing Amy as President. She is strong, and she will do what is right for the Club. And I doubt the usual characters will mess with her much, but I won't go into that.

I also want to say that when certain characters come up for re-election, I will come out with stored emails and both barrels blazing! As I said in a recent email, people have a right to know the character of those who are running for office, and thanks to mass emails and forwarded emails, I have lots and lots of character references, in their own words, to work with.

Thanks, guys!

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