Sunday, September 17, 2006


Last week, a doe I had sold and has come back home, JG's Antje, gave birth to 9 babies, 8 of them live. This doe was bred to a pure German buck with excellent density along his back. I'm anxious to see how they develop. I already have a favorite, one really big, fat baby, hopefully a buck.

Today I took Mopsie to the Washington, PA show, she did well, but didn't earn a leg. I wasn't planning on showing her at all, but she did not deliver a litter and I took her because Phill and Judy Osborn came up for the show, and I wanted to give them an opportunity for a leg. They got it! They earned BOB and BOS Giant Angora.

Tom and Charlotte Schweikart also attended, as did Angel and Autumn Filby. Charlotte took BOB and BOS French Angora, and Angel got BOB and BOS English Angora.

Meanwhile, I have located a grand-daughter of Dumpling, and will be buying her. At this point, I think I will be closing my Giant breeding program to outside lines. Including this little doe, I will have bloodlines from Linda Kolassa, the Baileys, the Osborns, and Louise Walsh. Blended with these will be old German, 2002 import, and newer German bloodlines. And also Pewter, of course. My plan is to begin with a wide genetic base of quality animals, and line breed from there to develop my own line.


Terri said...

Hey Janet!
The Osborns kicked my butt at WVa in Giants also. They have some nice Giants. They probably won with the same two they showed against me. Masquarade wasn't exactly up to par but I took her and she did OK. She molted before I could take her to the NC show so now she is sheared down and hopefully will show more of an interest in Danny later. Just not today! Are you going to Baltimore??

Jan said...

Hi Terri,

I doubt I will go to any more shows until Cody comes into coat - which will probobly be in November. Are there any shows then you're going to that are somewhat closer to me?

Terri said...

Baltimore on Nov. 17. Do you travel that far? The Osborns will probably go there too if they can keep some of their buns in coat. I will have a new bun to show at that show too. I am picking up another Giant doe from Louise in Oct. My buck and doe are out of the shows till Dec.

Jan said...

Baltimore is do-able! So far, anyway.