Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Politics of Rabbits, Part 2

Just when we have an excited new administration in the NARBC doing exciting things, out come most - but not all - of the usual suspects trying to sabotage the efforts to make the NARBC friendlier and more accessible.

I have left the "official" NARBC list since the original list owner took over. Not because of that in and of itself, but because my responses to the usual suspects suddenly quit getting posted - AGAIN. And this time with no explanation whatsoever. I had actually been thinking of dropping out anyway. The list has again disintegrated into posts trying to undermine confidence in the current administration, by those who wish they were in power but aren't, and mostly because people are sick of hearing their crap.

Will I drop out of NARBC altogether? Maybe. But not just yet. Before I do that, I would like to call on those who don't belong anymore to rejoin and fight to help the new President, Amy Spang, and her administration put an end to this nonsense. The NARBC needs to dis-associate itself from the so-called NARBC list, which keeps getting abused and has driven many of you away. I'd also like to call upon those current members who are pre-judging Amy to allow her to make the improvements to the site, and THEN decide whether you like them or not. This paranoia over the proposed changes is just plain silly. For years we had a site that was never updated anywhere near on time, and had dead pages, non-functioning links, and ads that constantly popped up and annoyed everyone. Then we had a much improved site that looked great, but the changes we were interested in seeing never materialized - for whatever reason. Now we have people who are excited to be where they are, and are chomping at the bit to make our site truly useful and the envy of the specialty clubs, and they are getting fought tooth and nail over issues that do not exist.

I'm done with my rant now. Thanks for listening, and if you care about the Club, please join or re-join, and make yourself heard!

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