Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I went up to MA over the weekend for a couple of reasons, the first to visit Christine Oliver. She had a small fiber event at her home,and I am so glad I went! I met some new friends, got my wheel properly adjusted, and I bought a ball winder, which I have needed for some time. Yes, I have been winding balls by hand, and since I don't wish to develop carpal tunnel, a ball winder was a must-have. I also saw some mini combs demonstrated. Janet Lynn, of took webbed angora that I would have felted or thrown out, and in very short order made beautiful combed top out of it! Janet takes layaway orders, so guess what's on my list? I will never throw webbed wool away again! I stayed at a hotel and went to visit Louise Walsh the next morning. For those who are newer to Giant Angoras, Louise is the lady who developed them and got them approved by ARBA back in 1988. We went out for breakfast and just had a wonderful time gabbing, in no time at all it was time to leave. I also got a tour of her (now much smaller) rabbitry, and she showed me some projects she's working on. I came home with Evergreen's Betsy, a young doe who shows a lot of promise. I'll have to get a picture of her to post. I'm going to shear her, as she has some mats due to the hot, humid weather they've been having up there. I'd rather start fresh with her.So it looks as though I won't have anything to show in September. I've been keeping everyone in short coat, and I also have breedings planned soon. Most likely I might have someone ready in late October. Probably just as well, gas prices are killing me.

I bred Mopsie to Cody tonight, and tried Pewter as well. Pewter does not seem in the mood at all, so I left her in with Cody overnight. Perhaps the cooler house temps will encourage her to feel more in the mood.

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