Thursday, August 03, 2006


Wow, I have heard some sad stories about losing bunns to the heat! I cry every time I lose a bunn, I can't imagine what some of these poor folks have gone through! I have been lucky so far, I have lost no one to heat. I have one mom and litter inside, as well as some adults, some of which are moving on from here soon. I also have another mom and litter outside, plus an adolescent, and Pewter, my fuzzy French Lop. These outside rabbits have a layer of white PVC roofing over their cages, plus a layer of wooden decking, plus tree shade depending on the time of day, and a wooden hiding box they can go in or behind. We also stick frozen 2 ltr bottles of water in with them around noon, and replace them later in the day if necessary. They were also clipped down in June, and will be again soon.

I am hoping the weather cools down soon, as I am anxious to get started breeding for Fall. Orders for Germans and Giants are starting to accumulate, and Mopsie, Pewter, and Jewel are waiting. I can't wait to see how Pewter's babies turn out!

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