Monday, August 14, 2006


I took Equine Nutrition in college, and have often compared the experiences of others, conventional wisdom, and what my studies taught me about feedstuffs. I have investigated what really goes into different feeds, been disappointed, and sometimes pleasantly surprised.

The most reliable feed I have come across so far, for freshness, uniformity, palatability (at least as far as the rabbits are concerned), and price is Blue Seal Bunny 16. But I *might* have found a new favorite in a product of Blue Seal's parent company, Kent Feeds. Kent's fixed formulas are very similar to Blue Seal's, but they add Vit C and rosemary extract. Today I bought a couple 50# bags of Kent's Top Show Family. I would have preferred the Professional formula, but the store didn't carry it. Anyway, as I'm driving home, the smell of the feed is driving me nuts. It smells SO GOOD! Almost chocolatey... yeah, I know, you probably think I'm off my rocker, I wonder myself sometimes. Anyway, I mixed some with what was left of my bag of Bunny 16, and fed. If the reactions of the bunns are any indication, they thought it smelled just as good as I did. In spite of temps in the 80s, they all dove right in. Usually, in hot weather they hang back a bit and wait 'til it cools off some. The pellets are mini pellets, which look like they would be very easy for a young bunny to eat.

So I will continue, I think, to make the trip to get this feed, and see how the wool production comes along.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. The protein powder I use for my horses, along with the cinnamon makes their feed smell like a yummy cake about to go in the oven. And a bag of fresh timothy pellets in the back seat of the car is heavenly (my horses think so, too).