Saturday, August 12, 2006


I have some pictures of Evergreen's Betsy, my new Giant doe I got from Louise Walsh. It's hard to believe this cute little bunny is going to mature over 10 pounds!

Due to the miserable, hot, humid weather Louise's area has been subjected to, Betsy's fine bunny coat had a lot of webbing and some fair-sized mats. So I decided to shear her and start over, I also wanted to evaluate her body further as well as her temperament. Betsy was pretty cooperative for a first shearing, and I had her done in about 20 minutes. Then back she went to the grooming table, and I changed my clothes. :)

Look at those ears and feet!

Louise took the time to do some coaching while we ate breakfast. According to her, you need to build a rabbit, especially a large rabbit, from the feet up. Betsy has HUGE feet, and I am going to start making that one of my selection criteria. I don't have a problem with sore hocks, but I do have a problem with size, some of mine make weight, and some don't. I want my rabbits to consistently make senior weight by ARBA standards and I don't want to have to wait a year to see if they make it. Betsy will be a key player in my breeding program to make that happen.


Angora Girl said...

Cute bunny Janet! When I raised New Zealands, one of the criteria I based my selections one was back feet size and width. As you figured out bigger feet = bigger bunnies. Wider feet help have fewer occurances of sore hocks too.

Terri said...

Hey Janet!!
She sure is cute!! Wow! What big ears you got there Betsy! She does have big feet also. I thought all rabbits have big feet but I guess I was wrong. Does she have a big round butt?? Masquarade does and I'm sure Betsy does too. Make a comparison to your Germans and you can actually tell there are some differences in body type.

Jan said...

Thanks, ladies! Yes, she does have a big, round butt! Compared to Germans of the same age, I would say she is a bit gawkier, so it will be interesting to watch her develop.