Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

I did all my picnicing over the weekend, so today I worked (at home). I sheared Mopsie because she was stressing over the heat - even tho' she is inside. An 80 day interval yielded 8 ounces of prime so far - I haven't done her belly yet. Her stress over heat concerns me, she is always the first to stress. So, even tho' she is inside and freshly shorn, I won't be breeding her just yet. Even tho' she's made it clear she's in the mood!

I left Dumpling in with Cody for a week, she'll be staying inside to see if she conceived. If not, she'll be looking for a new home. While she is my top wool producer, a doe that cannot or will not conceive when bred has no place here. I was hoping for a litter with Snowman, but it looks like that will not happen. Maybe Cody will have better luck.

Persnickety is in the same boat as Dumpling. She had a successful (as far as Cody is concerned) breeding, if it does not take this time, she'll be looking for a home, too. Considering she and Cody go back to my wonderful, dear departed Billy, I really, really want a litter from these two. However, I will only try for so long, then it's time to cut losses and go with what works - the first time.

Sunset's litter of 8 has turned up 4 angoras so far - no surprise there! 2 of the angoras are Blue & Tan, 1 REW, and 1 blue. Both tans appear to be does - of course, since I need a tan buck! However, the Magic Sex Change Fairy may pay us a visit, she's been here before, lol! If not, I will have a Blue & Tan angora doe available.

Carmie, my Choc Tan angora doe, who was bred to a Thrianta buck, started nest building today, which is when she is due. No wool pulling yet, but she is a last-minute nest builder. I expect shorthaired Coppers and Reds from this breeding, unless the buck carries Tan (I hope he does!). All these babies will be 1/2 angora, but if the buck does not carry Tan, then it will be difficult to determine which (if any) of the bucks in this litter do. In that case, only test breeding will tell.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Elaine said...

I hope tan comes out of that cross breeding too! Here's to crossed fingers. XXXX