Sunday, July 09, 2006

Baby pics

I have pics of my 2 Blue Tan Angora babies, and of Carmie's litter sired by a Thrianta buck. Here are the Blue Tans, at about 5 weeks of age:

And here is Carmie's litter. I'd like to note that my intial look at the litter wasn't too accurate, there are 7 kits, not 6, and there are 5 reds and 2 coppers:

There is a runt in the litter, who I missed during my first look. I found him the night before last, and he was pretty scrawny. I gave him about 5 minutes alone with Carmie, and when I checked them all today to get this photo, she had just fed them and his little belly was absolutely full! :)

I hate to check them, when I put them back Carmie was very upset with me and stepped on one of them in her haste to "protect" them from my intrusion. Now that I see Runt is fending well for himself, I'll skip a day and see how it goes.

So what wil I do with this litter? Statistically, half of them should have inherited a Tan gene from Carmie. But which ones? Well, I need a buck with a Tan gene. So I most likely will keep all the bucks and test breed each to a different doe.

Now watch, lol, ALL of them will be bucks!


Elaine said...

what adorable babies. Tan is so pretty in wool. Ah well, I'm thinking that if the tan gene was unable to express at all, then the T buck must be A- Rats. Back to the drawing board.

Terri said...

What cute little bunnies!! I love nestboxes with new babies in them! Masquarade is due this weekend with a pure Giant litter!! She did well with her half bred litter and she is showing signs that she will kindle soon.

Jan said...

Hi Elaine - yep, I'm thinking he's AA. Oh well, agouti is easy to breed out of Tans.

Hi Terri - Wonderful! I'm getting my doe from Louise next month, I'm very excited!

Terri said...

I will be getting another in October from her too!