Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NARBC election

Congratulations to the winners! Amy Spang will be our new President, she will bring a fresh outlook to the job, as well as admirable intellect and great perception. Her blog is very informative, and IMO a "must read" for angora owners, beginners through long-time breeders.

Sally Campbell won for D9 director. Sally has provided some excellent suggestons for and an offer of help with the newsletter and I look forward to working with her!

Meanwhile, I am working to get a couple of stubborn does bred. I think I *might* have succeeded in finally getting Persnickety bred, we'll know for sure in about a month. Carmie is showing signs of being bred, she is due on the 3rd. Now if I can get Dumpling bred, all will be right with my little world. :)

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