Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NARBC election

Congratulations to the winners! Amy Spang will be our new President, she will bring a fresh outlook to the job, as well as admirable intellect and great perception. Her blog is very informative, and IMO a "must read" for angora owners, beginners through long-time breeders.

Sally Campbell won for D9 director. Sally has provided some excellent suggestons for and an offer of help with the newsletter and I look forward to working with her!

Meanwhile, I am working to get a couple of stubborn does bred. I think I *might* have succeeded in finally getting Persnickety bred, we'll know for sure in about a month. Carmie is showing signs of being bred, she is due on the 3rd. Now if I can get Dumpling bred, all will be right with my little world. :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Spinning away...

Well, I finally got 2 bobbins of singles done with the Dingo fiber. I have not been getting along with Polly, my Kromski Polonaise wheel, until today. I don't know how or why, but today we finally "clicked". I have her set up as a single drive, I cannot seem to get the tension I like using her with a double drive. I also find that the faster I go, the better she seems to like it. I'm still going to use my Babe electric spinner to ply with, but at least I'm finally comfortable with this gorgeous wheel! But I'm still going to get a travel wheel, I just don't know when. Gas prices have eaten up my "disposable" income, so I am considering selling fiber to get the bunns paying for themselves. At least show season is over, and I don't have to drive all over Creation! Now if Dumpling would please produce a nice litter...

Just a note to some who, at times, have checked the blog every hour on the hour, I don't have the NARBC election results. I won't get them until they are announced on the Yahoo list, so I would check there if I were you. ;)

Friday, June 09, 2006


I have never posted anything truly political here yet. But this calls for it, IMO.

Certain people have purported that there was never any Al Quaida in Iraq until the US invaded. Iraq supposedly was never a threat until we made it one. Nevermind the copious statements from various members of the Clinton Administration prior to Dubya being elected.

Now that Zarqawi has been killed, suddenly there are claims that Dubya deliberately ignored the threat posed by him just so he could get big and successful as an Al Quaida operative, justifying Dubya's war on Iraq.

Sorry, dudes and dudettes, you can't have it both ways. Either there was no Al Quaida and/or WMDs in Iraq before we invaded, or there was. Please make up your freaking minds!

This is why I left the Democratic Party.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Nationals again!

OK, so the official results are out, so I can talk now without stealing anyone's thunder. First, I had a wonderful time at Nationals! I got to meet new people, get re-aquainted with people I'd met before but never got to spend much time with, and I also got to spend time with friends. My 2 entries did well, Jewel took a 3rd in the Nat'l show and a 3rd in the NYSAC show, while my little buck took 3rd in the Nat'l show and 2nd in the NYSAC show. Considering I was showing against the Baileys, the Osborns, and Linda Kolassa, I'm very happy with that!

The judging was very good, IMO. Mark Stewardson took a lot of time (maybe a bit too much) and care with each animal. He spent equal time and effort examining bodies and wool. His comments were well thought out and appropriate.

The banquet was excellent! I forget what all was offered, some sort of parmesan, sausage and peppers, meatballs, antipasto salad, ziti I think, all really yummy!

Here are some pics from Nationals:

Youth - Ryan Nichols-Mayer won BIS with his French White Senior Doe, and Dustin Gonzales won Best reserve with his English White Senior buck.

English - Linda Cassella won BOB and BIS with her Colored Junior Doe, Dru Shepherd won BOS with her White Junior buck. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Dru and her buck.

French - Sue Needle took BOB and Reserve BIS with her Colored Senior Doe, Tom & Charlotte Schweikart took BOS with their White Senior Buck.

Giants - Jack & Karin Bailey took BOB with their Junior Buck, and Linda Kolassa took BOS with her Senior Doe.

Satin - Joan Hastings took BOB with her Colored Junior Doe, and Marilyn DeMarree took BOS with her White Junior Buck.

And this is Brenda with her Broken English Senior Doe. Isn't she lovely?

That's all for now !

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tan babies!

Sunset, my lone shorthair left in the Tan breeding program (but not for long, I am using a Thrianta buck to bring more rufus in), gave birth Friday to 8 bunnies, a quick check revealed what looks like 3 blues, 3 blue Tans, and 2 REWs. Around 1/2 the babies will be angoras, as Sunset carries it and the sire is a little blue angora buck. I am praying there is a tan angora buck in this litter! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I will update the blog with pictures and commentary on Nationals very soon, but I have a wedding to go to, so not today. :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cage cleaning, part I

Outdoor cages

I love outdoor cages because there are no dropping trays. (At least, mine don't have them.) I shovel out from under them once a month or so, as the weather permits. Unfortunately, one also has to deal with heat, cold, and precipitation as well. When I see droppings and fuzz starting to build up on the floor wire, and it doesn't take long at all, it is time to blast it off. I've tried many things, like torches and wire brushes, and the best combination I have found follows:

First, I remove the rabbits from the cages. I know that seems, obvious, but you'd be surprised at stories I've heard... Then, I bring out my electric Karcher K 3.98 power washer and blast away. It has a wand that sends an oscillating spray which rips pretty much everything off the wire. I let it dry in the sun, then I take my spray bottle full of pure white vinegar and spray the wire with it and let it sit about 5 minutes, then I hit it again with the power washer. The vinegar dissolves the calcium and mineral buildup from the rabbits' urine, preventing more fiber buildup. I then take a spray bottle with generic Listerine and spray again, then replace the bunns when it is dry.

Meanwhile, after I shovel out the manure under the cage, I dust the ground liberally with hydrated lime. As manure builds up, if the weather is warm, I sprinkle Stall Dry (diatomaeceous earth and clay) over the manure to keep flies from hatching. It really works!

That's how I control buildup, odor, and flies on my outdoor cages. I'll soon post about my few indoor cages, with which I use a very similar regimen, with one notable exception.