Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tell me what you think

Really. I want to know.

Someone posts to a couple of lists and sends an email out to everyone EXCEPT the person responsible, demanding to know something and bringing up old issues.

Please tell me, is this person "just asking a question", or is this person looking to stir the pot? Wouldn't a private email be much more effective if all this person wants is an answer?

And what about the person who defends this person, even possibly going so far as to delete responses pointing out that this is not "just asking a question"?

Tell me what you think here, because I doubt it will get posted where it really should be.


Angora Girl said...

Hi Janet,

Here's my response. I posted both on the NARBC list and the Angora Friends list. And just so you know why the ballot was 4 days late... Franco had a devil of a time getting a membership list from our secretary... to the point where our pres emailed Franco to ask if he ever got a membership list.


Hi Kim,

The board was notified on Tuesday (by me) that the ballots went to the printer on Monday. If you wanted to know the details, you could have emailed Franco about it. He's very good about answering emails. Better yet, you could have cc'd him on the message you sent to the NARBC board... you realize that you excluded the two people who had the information that you were looking for (Franco and I); don't you? It seems to me that perhaps you're trying to create a problem where none exists. If I'm off-base about this I do apologize.

Franco and/or I would be more than willing to explain the reasons to the 4-day lateness of the ballots. All you have to do is ask :)

Tracy Rios
NARBC Vice-President

Jan said...

Technically, Tracy, they aren't late - I do not believe the C&BLs state that they have to be mailed by May 15th. That is simply the date you were shooting for. Was it announced to the membership at large that they would be? As I recall, the date was set via private emails. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Jacque said...

Yes, the date was published on the front page of the Angora News - the most recent issue. As for rejected posts on the NARBC List...the discussion can stop about them.....they have been posted.

Jan said...

Thank you, Jacque, for righting a wrong. I have always thought very highly of you, and could not understand your reasoning at all.