Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nationals are coming up!

I'm off tomorrow to New York for Angora Nationals. I'm taking my digital camera along to capture faces and places, and to get a good picture of Jewel to put on the web page. I'll get a good photo of 5JG10 as well for the For Sale page, assuming he comes back home with us. When I get home, it will be shearing time at Jan's Giants. Everyone will get a buzz cut for summer, and I will weigh and compare wool harvests.

Snowman is off at friend Cheryl's to make babies with JG's Little Brat, the only surviving offspring of my beloved Billy. Snowman is a distant cousin of Billy's, and shares his wonderful texture and density, if not his size. I will be keeping a baby from this litter, I was thinking a doe, but then a buck would make a bigger impact on my breeding program. We'll see. A lot depends on how Cody works out. Cody is also a son of Brat, but blows his coat before it matures fully. The last time I blamed it on mites, and so have been treating him with ivermectin every 2 weeks. I'll treat everyone again when we return from Nationals, then that should be it for the summer, unless I notice any symptoms. If he does it again, and no one else does, then he'll be looking for a home as a wooler.

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