Friday, May 19, 2006

I give up!

First, a shameless plug:

It is election time for the NARBC again, and I, Janet Gruber, am asking for your write-in vote for NARBC District 9 Director. My sole purpose in running for this office, and hopefully winning, is to restore trust and confidence in the running of our club. There has been an effort on the part of some to undermine confidence in the administration of the NARBC. The current officers of the NARBC, for the most part, are some of the finest people I have ever worked with and I deeply resent the efforts of some to paint them otherwise, and I mean to help put an end to it.

Towards this goal, I am also recommending the folowing candidates, all write-ins:

For President:

Amy Spang

Amy is an intelligent, capable, non-nonsense person. She has no allegiances to anyone or anything apart from the smooth running of the Club. She would make a fine President.

Judy Riddle

Judy Riddle is also running for President, and her integrity, experience, and administrative skills make her an excellent choice for the position.

Both are good choices! They are the only choices I would consider. Rumor has it there is also a "stealth" candidate running. If the rumor is true, I would not consider this person.

For Treasurer:

First off let me say that Jacque Dumas has done an excellent job as our Treasurer. However, her support on the NARBC Yahoo list of those who would undermine the confidence in the administration of our club has led me to decide that she is no longer the best candidate for the job, at least not at this time. The Treasurer is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, and we need someone in that position who is going to work for cooperation and harmony.

Angelika Kolifrath

Angelika Kolifrath is my choice for Treasurer. She is honest, hard working, and has the knowledge, ability, and resources to do the job of NARBC Treasurer well.

I hope you will join me in voting for the best candidates for a friendly, inclusive NARBC!


Janet Gruber


It never ceases to amaze me how some people refuse to see the truth. One side can post whatever they want, the other gets censored. Some of the posts that have been made to the NARBC Yahoo group are nothing but inflamatory, yet this got censored:

>> I was not ridiculing her - as you well know. I was questioning her
>> motives, as the WAY in which she asked her question was not
>> courteous or professional. It was not what I would expect of an
>> NARBC list Mod.
>> Again, if all she wanted was an answer, she could have emailed the
>> person responsible instead of spreading it all over the place -
> and
>> leaving him and his wife, a Board member and Vice president, off
> the
>> TO: list.
>> Janet

Here is why it was censored:
> Janet,
> As you know, this message is inflammatory and asks for a response
> from Kim. Kim was trying to avoid all this by posting to the group -
> instead of a personal email battle with Franco and Tracy. She did
> call me before she did this email, and I agreed with her. I sent a
> message to the Board, and she sent a message to the List - Both have
> received derogatory treatment....and mainly from the same people
> that have something to say about anything that is posted -
> regardless of what she and I post. I am not trying to get into a
> verbal battle with you. I am just trying to explain why I am
> rejecting this message. I beleive that is only fair. I have already
> rejected a message from Sally Campbell.
> Jacque

Actually, it was a response to an inflammatory post claiming that people were being ridiculed. I ridiculed no one. Also, where am I asking for Kim to respond? And even if I did, what would be wrong with that?

As for Kim trying to avoid a battle, here is her original email, copied from my inbox:

Message is not flagged. [ Flag for Follow Up ]
Message has been forwarded in the past.

Date: Wed May 17 12:04:02 2006
From: catnip36

Hi Margaret and everyone,
I was under the understanding we were suppose to have out ballots by NO LATER than the 15th. Here it is the 17th and as far as I know no one has the ballots! Where are they? I hope we are not going to have another messed up election. No one is keeping us informed on what is going on?

I left off the address list to protect the innocent, but I could not help but notice that Franco Rios, the person responsible for the ballots, is not included. Nor is his wife, Tracy, Vice President of NARBC, and a member of the Board of Directors.

Notice the reference to the previous "messed up" election - the lateness of which Franco had NOTHING to do with. Sound like someone who is trying to avoid a battle? Not to me! Why couldn't she have simply posted:

Hi Franco and everyone,

Will we be getting the ballots soon? I haven't gotten mine, and I don't think anyone else has, either. What's up?

Now THAT sounds like someone who just wants to know what is going on. Big difference between that and the first one, don't you agree?

Anyway, I give up. The only posts that seem to be allowed on the NARBC list are those bashing the people who are trying to fix the whole situation. So I quit. I won't post about it anymore, and if the wrong people win the election, I predict a mass exodus from positions of responsibility, which should make some people very happy.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.


Terri said...

This seems to be the very reason I want nothing to do with the NARBC. But then again if it is election time they seem to follow in the footsteps of all elections... Lots of negativity and bad things to say about your opponent. Where is the focus???? Shouldn't they be trying to make themselves look good by talking themselves up? Bashing others makes them look bad IMO. If there isn't an "air of positivity" there is nothing. If they are that negative do they have miserable lives or what? Just trying to make sense of it all. I like to see both sides of the coin before making decisions. I also am known to ask really interesting questions that focus on "you" and make you think about "you" instead of everybody else. Could "you" be part of the problem? There are alot of "blind" people out there on BOTH sides. Blind to others as well as to THEMSELVES. Be responsible for your actions, that makes you look like a hero, especially when you suggest a solution. (Janet, this is a generalized comment so don't take it personal.)

Angora Girl said...

I unsubscribed myself from the NARBC List two days ago before the latest incident. I have to say that I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who's had enough. Ignorance is truly bliss!

Tracy Rios

Jan said...

Hi Terri and Tracy,

Terri, you make very good points. I would like for all the nonsense to stop, which is why, if elected, I am going to push for restrictions on the NARBC Yahoo group similar to those on the IAGARB group - namely, the list will be for the promotion of angoras and related events - period. Absolutely no Club government issues allowed, any posts with such issues will be for=warded to the Secretary to be passed on to the people responsible to respond to. Complainants will be directed to Article 6 of the Constitution, which details the steps necessary to file a complaint. This will end the frivolous BS of a certain r=few, and enable the BOD to concentrate on promoting angoras.


Don't give up - yet.